William Regal

Hey, Scott. I watched the Regal/Benoit match from the last Nitro you reviewed, and man, what a hella stiff match. Now granted Benoit took some of the nastier bumps there, but Regal was no slouch either working the strong style. But then I watch tonight's NXT, and Regal is still looking pretty good, plus he had that great match earlier this year with Cesaro. So my question is, how has Regal managed to stay in such good shape over the years, given what happened to some of his compatriots who wrestled a similar style?

​The hair is magic?
I think probably because he was trained in the style on the carnival scene and thus knows exactly how to do it safely without killing himself (no pun intended) like his contemporaries.  Not only that, but he did it while beating a drug and alcohol habit, too.  So extra kudos to him. That's why it really breaks my heart every time they go to England and bring him out to a huge reaction before jobbing him out in a minute like he's Zack Ryder or something.  He deserves way better.  ​