Impact Wrestling – November 5, 2014

November 5, 2014
Location: Sands
Bethlehem Events Center, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Commentators: Mike
Tenay, Taz
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
might be getting close to the end of Impact’s run as there are only a
handful of episodes left before their TV show runs out. We keep
hearing about various other networks that want to pick TNA up but
there’s never anything definitive about them. As for the show
tonight, we’re likely setting up Roode vs. Lashley III and finishing
the tag team tournament. Let’s get to it.

open with a recap of Lashley vs. Roode from last week with Roode
winning the title.
is in the ring to start the show and says there’s a new World
Champion in the house. Roode comes out and talks about how this is
all he ever wanted to do since he was a kid. Now he gets to be the
best because he’s the World Champion. He’s proud to be here in the
ring with the best ever in Kurt Angle and is proud to be our
Lashley with MVP and King for the big showdown. MVP calls Lashley
the most dominant champion in TNA history but Roode is just a guy
that needed help from Angle to win the title. He keeps talking
though and says Lashley only became champion because MVP hurt his
knee. MVP wants a shot and Kurt agrees, seeing where this could be
going. Roode agrees and Lashley doesn’t look pleased.
Quick video on the
tournament final.
Joe and Low Ki say
they’ll prove everyone wrong when they work together to win the
Team Tournament Finals: Samoa Joe/Low Ki vs. Hardys
get a title shot at some point in the future. Jeff and Ki get things
going with Hardy taking a kick to the knee. They both start slowly
until Ko grabs the arm, only to get nailed in the back. Off to Matt
for an arm wringer of his own before Joe comes in for some right
hands to pound Matt down in the corner. The non-brothers take over
with their strikes until it’s back to Jeff for a front facelock.
comes right back in with the middle rope elbow to the back for two.
A double belly to back suplex gets two with Joe making a quick save.
Jeff headscissors Ki out of the corner but charges into some boots in
the corner. A Shining Wizard misses but Ki kicks Jeff in the back of
the head to take over. Back to Joe for the knee drop for two as we
take a break.
with Jeff nailing the Whisper in the Wind to drop Joe next to him. A
double tag brings in Matt and Ki with the Side Effect connecting for
two. Another Side Effect gets the same result and a
bulldog/clothesline combination takes down both X-Division guys. Ki
crotches Matt on the top to break up a moonsault, setting up the top
rope Warrior’s Way for two.
up and a Twist gets two on Ki as everything breaks down. Joe breaks
up Jeff’s Twist and kicks him in the head. The Twist from Matt is
countered with the Clutch but Jeff Swantons Matt to break it up.
Most people would have just kicked Joe but that’s not how Jeff rolls.
Things settle back down and Ki can’t hit the Ki Crusher on Jeff.
Back to Matt for Poetry in Motion followed by the Swanton and a
moonsault from Matt for the pin at 14:38.
Good match but it doesn’t hold up that well after the tag team series
rocked the house for so many weeks. Also I’m not all that wild on
seeing the Hardys again but they’re still good enough in the ring and
over with the crowd so it’s not the worst idea in the world. At
least we don’t have the potential of champions that hate each other
Storm is with Davey Richards in the back and says he wants an answer
in a week.
says MVP suspended him months ago but now he can take care of MVP
once and for all. He won’t hide as champion and he’ll prove why he’s
recap Gunner and Samuel Shaw’s long running story with Brittany
catching Shaw’s eye and breaking the team up.
are Shaw and Brittany to rip on Gunner and Christy Hemme, who never
appreciated Shaw’s artistic genius. Neither of them can ever do the
things that she can do, which include licking Shaw’s face. Cue
Gunner to say Shaw turned on him for a girl. Crazy attracts crazy
though and that’s another problem for Shaw. His biggest problem
though is that Shaw wanted to be Gunner instead of just being like
him. Gunner calls them creepy again and the fight is on. Brittany
saves her new man by jumping on Gunner’s back, allowing Shaw to hit
him low. Shaw puts on gloves and chokes Gunner out.
Indian wrestler named Mahabali Shera is coming to TNA. We get a nice
package on his international accomplishments and how sure he is that
he belongs on the roster.
recap the opening segment.
tells Angle that this is all about him (MVP) despite what Angle
Dreamer vs. Bram/Magnus
for the ECW tribute match of the week. The old guys jump the Brits
from behind to start and take over early on. They get back to
ringside for a baseball slide from Dreamer and a beer shot to Magnus’
head. Back in and Magnus hits D-Von in the knee with his metal rod
as the weapons are brought in. Dreamer gets a flashback with a drop
toehold onto the chair. A trashcan shot puts Dreamer down again and
Bram adds a chair to the back.
Brits backdrop Dreamer down but D-Von comes back with some chair
shots of his own. We get the Tower of Doom out of the corner with
Dreamer taking the worst of it but D-Von taking almost nothing at
all. Magnus comes back with some kendo stick shots to Dreamer’s
back. Tommy fights up and sends Magnus into a trashcan in the
corner, setting up a DDT for the pin at 9:40.
GO AWAY TOMMY DREAMER! If you want to go to your “it’s not ECW!”
ECW tribute promotion then fine, but stop bringing him around and
having him beat World Champions. Dreamer stopped mattering years ago
and has been doing a legends tour for what feels like forever. I
used to like the guy but man alive how many times can he do the same
Gail Kim wants her
title back.
Spud for a chat. He doesn’t want anyone to feel sorry for him, even
though he’s had to do some things that he isn’t proud of. When he
won British Boot Camp, he had no friends and nothing to do in TNA.
Then he became Dixie Carter’s Chief of Staff and he loved every bit
of it.
would have done anything for the Carters but then his best friend
Ethan turned into a complete and utter wanker. Ethan said Spud’s
suits make him sick but he isn’t changing for anyone, especially
Ethan Carter III. Carter calls himself a 1%er, so Spud is Mr. 99%
and has these people behind him. JB talks about Spud growing up on
British Boot Camp and says he’s with Spud.
brings out Ethan and Tyrus with Carter calling everyone in the crowd
a loser. The villains get in the ring and Ethan demands an apology
from Spud but the Rockstar says no. Tyrus grabs him from behind and
Spud apologizes….for Ethan being so worthless. Ethan goes after JB
for some reason and slaps him, only to have Spud get in some shots
from behind. Eric Young runs in to save Spud from the double
Title: Havok vs. Gail Kim
is defending and has a bad shoulder. The brawl starts in the aisle
with Gail getting in some shots, only to have Havok try to ram her
shoulder first into the post. Gail comes back with some kicks but
Havok just runs her over. The bell hasn’t rung yet as Gail is sent
face first into the post. Havok drags her up the ramp and throws
Gail off the stage. We get a maniacal laugh as medics check on Gail.
No match.
break Gail says let’s fight.
Title: Havok vs. Gail Kim
sends her shoulder first into the buckle to start and slams Gail down
on the arm. Gail’s rollup is blocked but she dropkicks Havok into
the corner. They head outside with Havok missing a dive off the
apron and landing on the steps. Havok comes right back by sending
Kim face first into the steps but the champ breaks up the count at
in and Gail hooks on something like the Black Widow, only to be
countered into a kind of Samoan drop. Gail gets slammed down but
pops back up for a top rope cross body and two more. Eat Defeat is
countered into a spinebuster on the arm for another two. The
chokeslam is countered into Eat Defeat for two but Gail jumps into
the chokeslam to retain the title at 6:35.
The match wasn’t bad but I’m just not interested in Gail Kim anymore.
There’s almost nothing left for her to do and it’s not interesting
anymore. It didn’t help that the story was almost identical to what
they did the first time. Havok is a good monster and whoever gets to
slay her is going to be a big star.
Shera is at TNA when
Manik comes up to him. Manik is very nice and asks to hear some more
about Sheva. I’m not sure where this is going.
Lashley leaves as MVP
asks if Lashley is really mad.
World Title: Bobby Roode vs. MVP
is defending of course. A quick suplex gets two on Roode and a
clothesline sends him outside. Back in and the crowd is completely
behind Roode, only to have MVP take him down with a facebuster.
Ballin Elbow and a fisherman’s suplex get two and we hit a crossface
chicken wing on the champion.
fights up and avoids the running boot in the corner, setting up a
Roode Bomb attempt. MVP flips out though and avoids a Blockbuster
before kicking Bobby in the face for two. The Drive By misses and
Bobby gets two off a rollup. Now the running boot connects but the
Playmaker is countered into the Roode Bomb for the pin at 6:55.
Well that happened. This felt like a post show dark match instead of
the TV main event with Roode beating him in a hurry and barely being
in any real trouble. It’s clear that we’re going to get Lashley vs.
Roode III eventually so this was little more than a pit stop for the
Post match Lashley
comes in and spears Roode down. He walks past MVP to end the show.
If TNA is about to wrap up, this is the perfect way to start going
out: potential to be interesting but tripping up too many times on
the way there. The wrestling wasn’t bad tonight, save for the stupid
ECW match. That’s another thing TNA has done to death over the
years: try to imitate some other company in hopes of generating
nostalgia. It works for awhile, but then TNA just can’t let it go
and be its own company. The show was good enough tonight but as
usual lately, TNA seems to be content sticking with basics instead of
trying to do anything special.
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