HOF Possibilities

Curious to know what you and everyone else thinks of for the following people as it relates to the HOF. None of these guys are locks, nor should they be,  but I can imagine some people thinking they deserve it.

Sean Waltman

Big Bossman

Harlem Heat (if you count tag teams as they're own thing)

Kevin Sullivan

Tony Schiavone

Joey Styles

​Waltman:  Seems likely at some point.  He's on good terms with them and is featured all over their Monday Night Wars stuff.
Bossman:  Shocked he's not in already.
Heat:  What's the point?  Booker's already in.
Sullivan:  No chance.  No name value, wrong political connections.
Schiavone:  I doubt he'd have any interest.
Styles:  I don't see it.  ​