The OTHER match

I can respect that everyone has their own tastes but I think it just proves how binge watching old WWF doesn't give proper perspective to younger fans on the proper build, hype, and anticipation when someone prefers the SSlam 92 Savage/Warrior match over WM7

WM7 was a match when "career matches" were unheard of, with a Savage/Sherri 2-year storyline paid off and the Savage/Elizabeth near 7 year storyline paid off, and is one of the only times in the history of professional wrestling that women were crying at the emotion of the payoff

SSlam 92 was a doublecountout when Savage was being worried about for depression over his divorce and Warrior refused to turn heel and be given the win

… but i see comments from people declaring that The Rock sucks and has never drawn money though… just sad seeing such a classic match shrugged off

if you get an e-mail from someone claiming to prefer Flair/Steamboat from Spring Stampede 94 over 2/3 falls at Clash 6 I give up on reading comments

​I didn't realize this was such a hot button topic amongst the readership.  By the way, Warrior was never asked to turn heel.  He WAS promised the WWF title at some point, but the heel turn was just a rumor. 
I personally still feel WM7 was Warrior's best match ever, but I mean, I can see the argument.  Someone actually sent me the Warrior DVD (and it's also on Netflix) so I'll probably re-review that match soon and settle the debate for everyone by doing the thinking for them.  It's the least I can do.