When did raw get good?

Hey scott, 

So a friend of a friend sent this over to me.  Guy basically tries to find the reverse jump the shark moment and for raw he chose May 26th 1997.  Is there really one episode/moment when RAW became can't miss?  Is there an episode that sticks out for you?

​Yeah, last night when Rusev triumphed over the forces of Ireland and brought the US title back to Mother Russia!  
Anyway, we here in Canada have a totally different perspective on the Monday Night Wars, of course, given that Nitro wasn't a thing up here and we couldn't just flip between the shows.  But I recall that the Sid v. Bret cage match with "You don't know shit!" and all that really set the stage and felt like the first time in a long while where we really HAD to see the show on Mondays so as not to miss anything.  ​