The real WWE problem


With all the hullabaloo over the Q3 earnings and the delay of the WWE network in the UK, I think people are missing an even bigger issue.

The WWE has yet to respond to the critics with a petulant wrestling gimmick.

From Irwin R. Schyster to Billionaire Ted to Right To Censor, the WWE has a long, storied history of mocking anyone who gave them s---. Where is that fire now? Where is the Financial Analyst wrestler decrying the WWE Network? The disgruntled investor? Why hasn't Bo Dallas been repackaged as a smarmy "Wolf of Wolf Street" type stockbroker who is working to lower the price of WWE stock so he can sell high later? He's VK Wallstreet Jr for crissakes! 

The Vince McMahon of old would deal with this criticism by wrapping it around a midcarder and having John Cena put him through a table every night until it went away.

Don't believe the hype. The real news is the WWE has grown up and grown soft. That is the real tragedy.


And they have BOTH MEMBERS of Money Inc under contract and working as agents!  
Clearly Vince went soft the moment he allowed himself to be talked out of beating up a guy in a panda suit in 2002.  It was all downhill from there.