The monumental IYH “It’s Cold!” IC title switch

Hi Scott I'll just quickly get the "cuz you're simply the best/better than all the rest/ better than anyone/anyone i ever met" stuff out of the way…

What was the ORIGINAL plan for the monumental IYH Winnipeg Shawn-Dean-Douglas-Razor switch? Was Shawn going to drop it to Dean? If so, how would they have gotten the title to Goldust?

So many questions…

But what a great show. Billy's haircut and all.
​Shawn was always dropping that title to Dean Douglas, yes.  They had a battle royale on RAW the next week (which I just covered) and Owen won it, but you could just as easily have seen Razor win it and get the title shot instead, which is how I think they would have done the transition if not for stuff happening.  The forfeit just sped up the process by doing the Shawn-Dean-Razor sequence on the night of the show to keep fans happy and put a babyface over.  
Now, [Vince mode] NOTWITHSTANDING THAT [/Vince mode] , what are the chances of Shawn actually doing that job in the ring if he was healthy?  I dunno.  But certainly the plan and belief was that Shawn was dropping the title that night.