I Actually Prefer The OTHER Match

I was watching Summerslam '92 the other day and realized that I like that Warrior/Savage match more than I like their Wrestlemania 7 match even though I think most would say that the WM7 match is "better." Got me thinking this could be a good blog topic: times where two guys have a "definitive" match but you prefer a different one. Another example for me is that I prefer not only the Hell in a Cell match, but the Ground Zero match between Shawn and Undertaker more than I their two Wrestlemania matches. And while I disagree, I know there are people that like Bret/Austin at Survivor Series '96 more than they like the historic Wrestlemania 13 match. Hell, I know a guy that prefers Hogan/Warrior at Halloween Havoc over their Wrestlemania 6 match simply for the comedy factor. So are their any times where you prefer a lesser renowned match between two guys that have put on a "better" match elsewhere?

​I used to like that match, but then it got too mainstream and I now prefer another one that's too obscure for anyone else to have heard about.  Sorry, hipster moment there.  
My pick would definitely be the Shawn-Razor ladder rematch at Summerslam 95, which had the benefit of building off the first match and featured two guys who were a year wiser and more over.
Shawn v. Austin at WM14 was historic and pretty good, but King of the Ring 97 is a bonafide lost classic between them. 
That should get you started. ​