The Network

Hey Scott,
How sad is it that I can watch Survivor Series for free in November and have absolutely no desire to do so? I know this will never happen but how much better would be product be if they just did a massive cut-back to their product? I mean really go after the "less is more" mentality by eliminating Smackdown, eliminating Main Event, cutting Raw back to two hours…maybe even one hour (*gasp*). Then basically do a behind the scenes roster split with each roster appearing every other week on Raw. This would immediately make things more fresh. You would only see wrestlers appear twice a month on Raw, prolonging their characters and careers. They would then be able to do this novel idea of keeping the two guys feuding away from each other leading up to a PPV!! I ask this in all seriousness. Do they really not understand why a Jones vs Cormier PPV will do over a million buys when Cena vs Orton Part 104 would do 100k if it was exclusive to PPV? Can't they see the difference there??
​Cutting back will never happen.  The TV deals are the lifeblood of the company now and USA wants their RAW sugar.  Once that toothpaste is out of the tube, there's no putting it back.  
Also on the subject of the Network, the experiment of putting up new 95 RAW episodes in batches of 3 apparently ended at 2 weeks, as they're apparently showcasing the free month by uploading nothing this weekend.  Par for the course.  I guess the question becomes do I wait out the eventual uploads of RAW next year or whenever they feel ready, or do I just say f--- it and continue on with Nitro until I run out of those as well?  ​