Hypothetical Montreal question

Watching the Austin/McMahon rivalry episode on network and the mention Montreal so here's a quick one:
If Madusa never shows up on Nitro and drops the Women's Title, does Vince screw Bret?   Vince was obviously paranoid because of the Madusa/Nitro situation.  He and Bret were close for nearly 15 years.  Can we kinda sorta thank Madusa for helping spark the Mr. McMahon character?
​I think it was certainly a contributing factor, but a minor one.  Madusa wasn't actually going to drop the belt on the way out anyway, she was  basically fired (her contract expired and she wasn't offered a new one) and it was more that the company stupidly forgot to ask for the belt back.  It's not like she was supposed to come in for a RAW in December and drop the title to Aja Kong and screwed them over.  There had been a rough plan for that title change at Royal Rumble but that was out the window by December.  
So yes, Vince would definitely have still screwed Bret at Montreal.  ​