WCW Worldwide: October 20, 1996

It’s been a busy week and
I’ve fallen behind again, which is embarrassing considering this lineup of
wrestling that’s been waiting for me. Stars like Alex Wright, Madusa, and Ice
Train are here this week!
are your hosts; and apparently the line was building all day at Disney to see
WCW. This might in fact be true, I’ve been to Disney, and EVERYTHING has a
bloody line, even that traumatizing “It’s A Small World” ride through hell.

I don’t know how the ring
is going to contain itself from the charisma that’s just oozing out of these
guys. In fact, if any match was a threat to end with the lights going out,
followed by a Lantern hologram and attack from Charles Manson, this is probably
the one. Malenko hits a double underhook overhead suplex, and holds on to work
the arm. That doesn’t last long before Wright starts in with the European
uppercuts, followed by his transition move, the European uppercuts. A European
uppercut sets up a European uppercut, and Wright gets 2. In the corner, Wright
hits a European uppercut, before trying a spinning heel kick which seems silly
because it’s not a European uppercut. Wright goes up for a missile dropkick,
but Malenko throws the referee in the way, and when you’re talking about men
who would fall unconscious at a dance club from a twerk, you know that poor
Randy Eller must be on life support from that. After resuscitation, Eller
somehow remembers in his pre-coma state that Malenko scumbagged him, and gives
the win at Wright at 3:51. *
Heenan points out Powers
is in the best shape of his life, but I’m pretty sure Scott Hall eluded to the
same thing on Nitro a couple of weeks ago. Honestly, if he was in any better
shape, he’d probably explode; and then what? We’d be left with a row of Disney
onlookers covered in testosterone and rock hard man-boob. NICK PATRICK referees without his neck brace. Powers runs through
the type of offense that would make workers like the Renegade jealous, but it’s
all for naught. A swandive changes everything, and Benoit wins at 3:28. Heenan declares the Horsemen have
never had a bad member. Oy … vey. *1/2
Tony can’t help but crow
about Madusa championing the Women’s division since her arrival in WCW. Way to
go Madusa, you keep wrestling that one match every 3 months. Kai isn’t in great
shape here, looking less like a professional wrestler, and more like a new mom.
And, to be fair, a lot of new mom’s are sexy as all hell – but I wouldn’t
suggest throwing on a singlet and heading out to perform on a national
wrestling stage. Madusa takes this one quickly with a schoolboy at 2:31. Kai, still hormonal, attacks
Madusa after the match. AND SO IT BEGINS! 1/2*
Holy crap a fresh match
up for the R&R! And the Armstrongs are all over the heel act tonight, with
Steve strutting around the ring like he’s a late 70’s Memphis champion or
something. The fans are right riled up about this too for some reason, and I
can dig it. Morton hiptosses both Armstrongs around for awhile, while the fans
chant “ROCK AND ROLL” until they’re hoarse. Gibson starts working over the
Armstrongs, but a little cheating changes everything. Scott knocks Morton off
the apron, and keeps Gibson in the heel corner. What the hell is this? I don’t
think I’ve seen Gibson take a beating in his life, that’s not his role. Morton
gets the hot tag, and slams Armstrongs all over the place! A crossbody on Steve
gets the pin at 3:41. That wasn’t at
all what I expected. *1/2
This is your main event.
Heenan gives us a scoop on Long; that if you walk real close behind him, his
head smells like furniture polish. Train keeps DDP down in the corner, but that
doesn’t stop Page from hearing the jeers of the crowd, yelling at someone “SHUT
UP YOU FAT PIG!” Train wrings the arm, and a clothesline sends Page to the
floor. Train is a ball of energy tonight, and the fans are digging it, as Long
leads an “ICE! ICE! ICE!” chant. Page comes back with a necksnap over the top
rope, and takes over the offense with some stomping in the corner. A discus
clothesline gets 2. In a headlock, Train hulks up, and gets a sunset flip(!)
for 2. An explosive clothesline sets up the Train Wreck, but Page kicks out! Oh
god, NOW what can he do? An avalanche misses, and Page dives on top with his
feet on the ropes and scores the pin at 6:37?!?
A MISSED AVALANCHE??? This show, sometimes … *1/2

Next week, there’s no
stopping the star power. Juvi! Konnan! Rick Steiner! Kevin Sullivan! Until then