WWE Network Subscriber Prediciton

Dear Scott,

Assuming the numbers haven't been leaked before you decide to answer this, how many WWE Network subscribers do you think WWE will report on Thursday?

The Observer said WWE "needs to average 1.1 million subscribers during 2015 just to maintain equal cash flow" and closer to 1.4M to get back to its level of profitability pre-Network.

On Tuesday's PWTorch Livecast, Jason Powell predicted somewhere between 650k and 770k (715-725k as a narrower range), while Wade Keller said he personally would view anything above 770k as "better than expected."  I didn't see Dave's prediction in the Observer, though he did say it "will be far ahead of" the 700k number reported as of the last conference call and added that below 900k "would not be good."
​I'm thinking 775.  You'd have to think that by adding 170 countries they'd roll back some of the monster losses in numbers they're going to suffer over the summer, but not enough to hit their goals.  There's no chance of them hitting a million, I don't think.  Especially since the Network is based on the PPV buying model, and most of the non-WM shows were in the 100,000 range to begin with.  I just don't see the extra 600,000 WM buys sticking around.  ​