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Daniel Bryan Update

Last night at the Smackdown taping in Houston, WWE filmed a segment where the Big Show addressed the crowd and informed them that Daniel Bryan will need to undergo surgery on his arm. Bryan hasn’t wrestled since April, and has been rehabbing since June but has not regained strength in his arm.

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RAW Viewership for this Week

The 10/27 episode of Raw did 3,745,000 viewers, which is up 50,000 from last week’s number. That number was the second lowest of 2014. The company had hoped for better the day after the Hell In A Cell PPV. The show lost audience as the night went on, dropping from 3,868,000 viewers in hour one to 3,529,000 in hour three.

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Clearing Up CM Punk Rumors

The return of CM Punk merchandise (most of which has already sold out) to the WWE website was more a case of loose ends being tied up, according to one source we’ve spoken with. When Punk’s WWE deal expired this past July, with it went the rights to his name and likeness, since he had them since well before his WWE run began in 2006. WWE and Punk are believed to have worked out a settlement that allowed WWE to sell off remaining stock and use Punk in the new WWE videogame. The Punk character will also be seen in the forthcoming WWE/Flintstones film, since animation had been completed well before Punk walked out on the company in January 2014. Sources close to Punk state he is retired as a pro wrestler and a WWE return is not happening.

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Undertaker’s Developmental Role

Undertaker will not be a full time trainer, and will pick and choose the dates he works. He will come in, give NXT talent advice and also share the “WWE etiquette” with the developmental talents. WWE wants the developmental talents to know what is expected of them when they reach the main roster, and they feel that the Undertaker is the perfect man to educate them.