Monday Night Open Mic

What a Network special the WWE had last night. It was almost as boring as RAW. I was probably a little hard on the main event because the ending suck. The brawling that Ambrose and Rollins did was perfectly acceptable.

Otherwise Dolph-Cesaro was pretty good and the stream kept up for me all night so you take the small victories.

Unfortunately pretty good seems to be the max for the promotion these days. There is a maddening lack of great matches coming from the WWE in the last few months. Even Cena, who is always good for at least one or two four-star type matches a year hasn’t had the ability to showcase that. His match with Cesaro a while back was excellent and otherwise he’s been stuck in that middle-ground area working with Wyatt and Orton.

Right now to be honest I’d  worry less about the programs and angles if the match work was really good. Everyone seems to be settled in their little area though — good enough for me not to hate it but no one striving to be great in the ring. I miss that motivation. I miss the unspoken (and sometimes spoken) feud that guys like Hart-HBK had with each other to have the best match on the card if just out of spite. And later with guys like Kurt Angle. That’s why we miss Bryan and Punk. No one’s striving to be great anymore or they are afraid to be great.

Oh well. It happens.

TV Tonight:

MNF (Cowboys vs. Washington)
Wild-Rangers & Canadiens-Oilers are the NHL Matchups.
An HBO Documentary on James Brown that my husband will be all over.
Gotham, The Voice, Two Broke Girls, etc. etc.

Enjoy the show and come out swinging but remember to keep it clean!