The “Nonratable” Match Rating I think needs to be implemented

Good afternoon Mr. Keith, all this Mankind/UT HIAC talk and the earlier post of the Iron Man Match, have you ever thought its time to officially break out a whole new rating, beyond the Stars?  

"Match Rating: Unable to Rate due to both historical significance and No Current Consensus by the IWC of its proper star rating, w


ether it would be underated, or overated, by many.  But still, NEEDS to be


seen by all!"

While someone disagreed about Savage/Steamboat earlier, that opinion I feel is such a minority I don't think it warrants inclusion in this subject.  Matches I do however have forever divided match raters since they took place, are:

Bret/Michaels Iron Man
UT/Mankind HITC
Bash at The Beach 96 Main Event
Hogan/The Rock
And you might even be able to throw in the WM20 Main Event, at what was considered one of the greatest matches of all time followed by one of the greatest moments of all time with Benoit & Eddie standing tall, it has forever become one of the most polarizing matches to look back on.

Thoughts?  Keep up the good work

​That's a pretty wishy-washy way to deal with the issue.  I'd rather just throw my star ratings out there and let people debate it on their own.  Unless it's a midget match or a battle royale, because FUCK THEM.  ​