Smackdown – October 24, 2014

Date: October 24, 2014
Location: Intrust Bank
Arena, Wichita, Kansas
Commentators: Michael
Cole, Tom Phillips, John Bradshaw Layfield
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
It’s the final show
before Hell in a Cell and things are all set. The main story coming
out of Raw is Seth Rollins finally attacking Randy Orton, his partner
on Monday, by Curb Stomping him to end the show. This is likely
going to help set up Orton’s face turn and then Orton vs. Rollins,
which could be some very interesting stuff down the line. Let’s get
to it.

Here’s Ambrose to open
things up. Ambrose talks about defying the laws of physics because
he keeps getting back up no matter what the Authority does to him.
Yeah it hurts to get knocked down so many times, but the difference
between someone like he and Mick Foley is that Foley is a nice guy.
Dean doesn’t have anything to live for beside hurting the people that
hurt him. He’s been waiting for this day since Rollins stabbed him
in the back for business so if Rollins has any final words, come out
here and say them now.
Rollins pops up on
screen and says Dean can’t call him out. Seth is the one that does
the calling out and he’ll be doing that later tonight. It was always
Dean believing that something special was coming from the Shield but
Seth was just using it to get ready for his big moment. On Sunday,
Dean Ambrose goes away and Rollins can cash in his contract to become
World Champion. Dean wraps it up by saying they’ll burn together on
Sunday, but Seth will burn alone.
Mizdow vs. Los Matadores
Sheamus is on
commentary. Damien hammers on Diego to start and it’s quickly off to
Miz who gets chopped in the corner. Miz comes right back with ten
forearms to the chest to annoy Sheamus but the champ is just bored.
It’s back to Damien, but Fernando kicks him in the face to take over
and make the tag to Diego. They head outside for a Figure Four on
Diego as Miz puts one on Fernando for the submission at 2:56.
Bo Dallas interrupts
the Dusts’ odd chat of the week. They’re in a six man later and Bo
thinks they just need to Bolieve. Goldust: “What a weirdo.”
Lee vs. Alicia Fox
Still non-title despite
Fox pinning AJ on Monday. Fox takes her down to start but gets
caught in a guillotine choke. Paige, in Fox’s corner, shouts
instructions to get out of the hold and Fox takes over for the first
time. Lee fights out of a chinlock but gets slammed down with ease.
Paige gets on the apron but AJ slams them together, setting up a
rollup for the pin at 2:04. So AJ now needs heel miscommunication to
beat Alicia Fox?
Remember that Wyatt
Family video where the Family is free but Bray is never free? Well
it’s airing again here.
We get a sitdown
interview from earlier in the week with Big Show to talk about what
happened with the soldier on Monday. Show asked for the interview
and we see a clip from the incident to get things going. Big Show
talks about how personal some of the things Rusev say can get but
Rusev attacked the soldier when the incident was over. He has a lot
of friends who are Russians (seriously) and he’s had to apologize to
them more than once.
Show has been lucky
enough to go around the world and meet some wealthy people, but those
aren’t his heroes. He gets to meet his heroes when he goes around
the world and meets the servicemen and women who defend this country.
A few years back he met a two star general who broke down when
meeting Big Show because it was such a big deal.
Now we get a clip of
Big Show’s “idol” (to be fair Show laughs this off) Hulk Hogan
saying no one is more American than the Big Show. On Sunday, Show is
going to feel the power of America and it’s going to carry him to
victory. We close out the interview where Show says he can’t keep
his emotions under control but he’ll knock Rusev out for a pin on
Sunday. This was longer than it needed to be and I see no reason for
it not to take place in the arena.
Title: Dolph Ziggler vs. Cesaro
Cesaro is challenging
after pinning Dolph on Monday. Why the Divas didn’t do the same
isn’t quite clear. They hit the mat to start with Ziggler actually
in control but getting nailed in the ribs. Dolph flips out of a
monkey flip attempt and gets two off a rollup. A nice pinfall
reversal sequence ends with Ziggler nailing a dropkick for two but
Cesaro sends him shoulder first into the post.
Back from a break with
Cesaro putting on a sleeper but having to break up Ziggler’s sleeper
a few seconds later. Dolph’s hurricanrana is countered so he comes
back with a sunset flip for two instead. The running DDT is
countered into a spin out slam for two as Cesaro is getting
frustrated. A big boot and powerbomb get two more but the Swing is
countered into a small package for two. Cesaro loads up an uppercut
but gets Zig Zagged to retain the title at 11:25.
C+. Nice match but was there a
need to have Dolph lose via pin on Monday? Couldn’t you accomplish
the same thing by having them both get counted out or something like
that, setting up a big match on Sunday? Heaven
forbid of course because we need to give Cesaro another win over a
champion to make him strong, even though you could do the same by
having him Neutralize Ziggler on the floor and win by countout. That
might be too much creativity though so it’s clear why it didn’t
Bella/Cameron/Summer Rae vs. Brie Bella/Naomi/Natalya
Brie gets an entrance because we need BRIE MODE. Brie
and Cameron get things going and Cameron actually manages to not
botch anything in the first ten seconds. She
elbows Brie down and starts a YES chant before it’s off to Summer for
a clothesline. We get a
totally genuine Brie chant as she kicks Summer down but Cameron takes
Naomi off the apron. Nikki
comes in for the Rack and the pin on Brie at 2:02. Well that
match Nikki says for thirty days, she’ll be the evil sister and Brie
can be the Cinderbella. This is what I sit through for you people.
Remember that.
in a Cell by the numbers.
on Orton vs. Cena.
picks Cena to win on Sunday.
Henry vs. Goldust/Stardust/Bo Dallas
runs from Henry to start so it’s Stardust and Jey
starting instead. A
headbutt has Stardust in trouble so it’s off to Jimmy vs. Goldust.
The Usos clothesline Goldust
out to the floor and we take a break. Back with Stardust
clotheslining Jimmy before it’s off to Goldist for some choking. We
hit the chinlock for a bit but Jimmy fights up for an enziguri. The
hot tag brings in Henry for clotheslines as everything breaks down.
Jey dives onto Goldust and
it’s Dallas alone with Mark. Henry throws him into the corner but
has to World’s Strongest Slam Stardust, allowing Bo to hook the Bodog
for the pin on Henry at 8:00.
D+. This was every six man tag
with two different people to supplement the standard tag match that
we’ve seen a half dozen times now. I
don’t know what there is to gain by having Dallas pin Henry again as
you would think we got the idea when he beat him twice in a row, but
that might require a fresh thought from creative.
is in the back bragging about his wins when Cesaro comes in and says
Dolph got lucky. Cesaro
calls the title the most prestigious in the company and asks for a
2/3 falls match for the title on Sunday.
are Rollins and the Stooges to
the ring where there are
some tables covered with weapons. Rollins
says he bought in for the millionth time and says it’s foreign to
everyone here in Kansas. There
are no rules on Sunday so let’s have a preview of what Ambrose is in
store for on Sunday. Seth
starts with the handcuffs because Dean has surprised him from
different places. Now he can have Ambrose in one place.
up is a screwdriver to prove that Dean has been a screwup all along.
Seth picks up a lead pipe to
prove that Dean is indeed destructable before moving on to a chair
which stared the whole thing. We
get to the point now as Rollins calls Dean out because this is his
chance to have things one on one.
no Ambrose though so maybe he’s smarter than Seth
thought he was. We see a
clip from the end of Raw as Ambrose sneaks up behind Seth and nails
him with a kendo stick shot. The Stooges come in but Dean fights
them off and tries a powerbomb through a table. The Stooges finally
do their job and take Dirty Deeds before being elbowed through the
tables to end the show.
C-. This was about
everything other than the Orton vs. Cena match which makes me think
that it’s getting the main event slot, despite it having no need to
do so.
The problem with Ambrose vs. Rollins is they have to go insane with
the violence to justify everything they’ve talked about and I don’t
think that’s going to be allowed. The show should be entertaining
but I don’t know if they’ll be able to take it far enough or be able
to resist going with Orton vs. Cena as the main event. Nice
build show this week but it’s clear that these stories are almost out
of gas.
Miz/Damien Mizdow b.
Los Matadores – Figure Four to Fernando
AJ Lee b. Alicia Fox –
Dolph Ziggler b. Cesaro
– Zig Zag
Nikki Bella/Summer
Rae/Cameron b. Brie Bella/Naomi/Natalya – Rack to Brie
Dallas b. Usos/Mark Henry – Bodog to Henry
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