Impact Wrestling – October 22, 2014

Date: October 22, 2014
Sands Bethlehem Events Center, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Mike Tenay, Taz
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
closing in on the Lashley vs. Roode showdown with the champion
seeming to have some issues with the rest of the Trio. Other than
that we have the start of a tag team tournament for a shot at the
titles at some point in the future. I kind of like TNA just doing
the week to week TV stuff instead of building to meaningless PPVs for
a change. It works for NXT most of the time so why not TNA too?
Let’s get to it.

open with a recap of Lashley vs. Roode from a few weeks ago and then
Bobby winning the four way last week to earn another shot.
Wolves want the tournament to start so they can have some new
Hardy comes out and introduces his partner for the tournament: Jeff
Hardy. Well that was anti-climactic.
Team Tournament First Round: Hardys vs. BroMans
here. Matt and DJZ start things off as Tenay and Taz are already in
their own world. The guys in the ring (as in the guys the show is
actually supposed to be about) trade headlocks until Matt takes him
down and slams DJZ’s head into the mat over and over. Off to Jeff
for Poetry in Motion to give Matt two. The Hardys go old school with
the Spin Cycle (think both guys doing a half wheelbarrow suplex) but
it’s quickly off to Jesse to take over.
kicks him down with ease before it’s back to Matt for a double belly
to back. The BroMans are sent into each other but the distraction
lets Jesse dropkick Matt down to take over. DJZ cranks on an armbar
until Matt jawbreaks his way to freedom and tags in Jeff. The better
Hardy cleans house with dropkicks and a gordbuster followed by the
Whisper in the Wind. Jesse loads up a gorilla press but Matt tags
himself in and it’s Twist/Swanton for the pin at 6:19.
Just a basic tag match here that we’ll list under “what else would
you expect to happen?” I can’t imagine the Hardys getting another
shot after the Series blew the roof off as it would defeat the
purpose of having a tournament. I’m also wondering if there are
eight teams to fill out brackets as the division barely exists at
this point. Decent match though.
Bram to address his surprise attack on D-Von last week. He loves
hearing something being driven through a human’s skin, just like when
he drove Janice into Abyss. Bram is the new king of hardcore and
D-Von is his target because he’s called a hardcore legend. Whatever
it takes, Bram will make sure everyone fears his name. This brings
out D-Von and the beating is quickly on. Bram fights back and they
head to the floor until security breaks it up in the ring. Angle
comes out and makes a hardcore match between the two for later.
comes up to Samuel Shaw in the back and says she’d love it if he won
Team Tournament First Round: Low Ki/Samoa Joe vs. Samuel Shaw/Gunner
sends Shaw into the corner and hammers away to start before nailing
an enziguri for good measure. Off to Ki for a springboard kick to
the face but Gunner nails him with a clothesline. Brittany comes
down to be in Shaw’s corner as Ki chops away at Gunner. The heels
(kind of?) start double teaming Ki but Gunner tells Shaw to get rid
of Brittany.
distraction lets Ki avoid a middle rope dive, allowing for the hot
tag to Joe. Things speed up with Joe hammering away and getting two
of his own off a running kick to the face. Brittany hooks Gunner’s
leg for no apparent reason, allowing Ki to kick him into the Clutch
from Joe for the submission at 4:36.
This was more storytelling than anything else as Gunner and Shaw
continue to do….whatever it is that they’re doing. They’ve been
going on with this for months now and I’m really not sure where
they’re going with it. The match was nothing of interest but at
least didn’t take up too much time.
stands next to Brittany but Gunner comes up to yell at her. Samuel
nails him with a chair and goes evil again before kissing Brittany.
Carter III says he can feel it coming in the air tonight. He thinks
a Tag Team Title reign with Tyrus would be a good buildup to his
World Title win. Spud might be in the building tonight so why
doesn’t he find a friend to get in the ring with Ethan and his new
friend? Because he’s scared.
is asked about the title match with Roode but MVP cuts him off and
says it’s just another day at the office. King says he and MVP are
in the tournament.
vs. Angelina Love
doesn’t show up but here’s Havok instead to destroy Rebel. Gail Kim
charges out for the big brawl with the champion until security breaks
it up.
on Roode vs. Lashley, which I believe is the same video that opened
the show.
Angle thinks we’ll
raise the stakes in the contract signing later tonight.
vs. D-Von
They start fighting on the floor before D-Von takes him inside for a
release flapjack. It’s already back on the floor with D-Von in full
control and sending him into the barricade. There’s a bottle of
water to the head and Bram goes into steps for good measure. Back in
and D-Von nails him in the head with a trashcan lid before hitting a
one man Conchairto on the trashcan lid onto Bram’s head.
comes back with a trashcan lid shot of his own because apparently
he’s immune to concussions. He shouts that D-Von is nothing and gets
a low blow for his efforts. D-Von loads up What’s Up on the trashcan
but Magnus comes out with a kendo stick shot for the save, allowing
Bram to use the metal bar for the pin at 5:57.
It’s not even that the match was terrible but it’s uninteresting.
D-Von just isn’t interesting as a singles guy but at least he’s
putting someone over at this stage in his career. Bram already has
more star power than Magnus has almost ever shown and has a future,
hopefully as more than just a hardcore guy.
and Melendez are in the tournament.
Team Tournament First Round: Kenny King/MVP vs. Chris Melendez/Mr.
and King are quickly knocked out to the floor but we settle down to
Anderson vs. King. Mr. grabs a headlock to take over but MVP trips
him up from the floor, allowing King to kick him in the head for two.
MVP taunts Melendez with a tag in the corner like a true heel should
before hooking Anderson in an arm crank. A running boot to the side
of the head gets two but a double clothesline puts both guys down.
Melendez and King come in off the tags with Chris cleaning house as
everything breaks down. In the melee, King rolls up Melendez with a
handful of tights for the pin at 4:55.
Another middle of the ropad match here as the stories are now being
applied to the tournament. That’s not the worst idea in the world
and sets up some interesting matchups in the second round. Nothing
great here or anything but it got the job done and kept this story
Eric Young fires Spud
up and they’re in the tournament tonight.
The Wolves do a quick
interview saying they’re looking for the best competition. They go
off in different directions and Davey runs into James Storm. James
tells Davey how great he is and offers to show him the way. Manik
comes in to explain the beauty of the Revolution.
Team Tournament First Round: Ethan Carter III/Tyrus vs. Eric
Young/Rockstar Spud
has to give Spud a pep talk to get him to the ring and there’s no
Rockstar at first. Carter laughs at Spud being a coward and even has
a new response to the audience: “You wish you could.” He goes on
a rant about how the villains win in this world and how the 99%ers
here in the audience are all losers. That’s enough to get Spud to
the ring and we’re ready to go.
asks to get in the ring with Carter to start. After the staredown
but no contact it’s off to Tyrus but Spud won’t tag out to Eric.
Spud hammers away but gets caught by a punch to the chest. Spud’s
sleeper attempt is countered into a Big Ending and Tyrus throws him
around with a t-bone suplex. Tyrus misses a charge but stays on
Spud, knocking him down with a single shot.
to Carter for some slaps to the face but Spud comes back with a huge
one of his own, allowing for the hot tag to Young. Eric cleans house
and gets two off the elbow. Everyone heads outside for a huge dive
from Young before Spud dives on both villains. Back in and a quick
Tongan Death Grip slam from Tyrus gives Ethan the pin on Spud at
Better match here with Spud starting to look like a big deal. It
wasn’t a great mathc or anything but it was nice to see some of the
stories making sense. Young continues to be the guy you call to fill
in a story and that’s all he was here. Carter’s rocket push is still
coming and I like sayint that.
run down the card for next week
Angle for the contract signing between Lashley and Roode. He has a
bonus stipulation to make things more interesting next week, but
first he asks if either guy has anything to say. Roode admits that
Lashley was the better man last week but says that Lashley will be a
marked man next week. Lashley has other priorities in MMA, but
wrestling is all Roode has. Being champion is the only thing he
wants and next week, he’s fighting with a passion to put the title
back around his waste.
has built Lashley up very well, but next week Roode will prove that
he’s just a man. MVP cuts Bobby off and says Lashley can takes out
anyone he faces because he’s a destroyer. Angle cuts them off and
says he’ll be guest referee next week. That’s not cool with MVP but
Lashley signs, giving us a staredown to end the show.
I didn’t mind this week’s show as they actually seem to have some
interesting stuff coming in the next few weeks. Unfortunately, they
need a show to air them on and right now we don’t know where that’s
going to be. Roode vs. Lashley should be entertaining and the tag
matches will be solid too, making next week interesting TV. However,
this week’s build was only decent with the tournament matches being
average at best. It gave me some hope though and that’s a big plus.
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