Birthday Plug?

Hey Scott, 

Talbot from the blog here, wondering if you'd give this podcast a plug? It's called Aliens Under the Vatican and I've been appearing on it semi-regularly as kind of a "technically not a cast member but there all the time/Steve Martin on SNL in the 70s" kinda capacity for a while now, but I didn't previously ask for a plug because it's not usually about wrestling…. but this week I figured I'd ask for two reasons: 

1) It's the host's birthday, and I'm too cheap to get him a real gift. 

2) The first twenty minutes or so of the episode are almost entirely about Jesse "The Body" Ventura, and the host's very good Jesse impression reappears throughout the rest of the episode. 

Other topics include dinosaurs, Bill & Ted, whether or not Harley Quinn is a juggalo, and one of the hosts doing everything he can to keep me from getting through a "Gotham" review. 

Thanks in advance! Hopefully you and/or the BoD can dig on our particular brand of nerdy anarchy. 

​The Flash is still killing it for me as far as superhero shows go.  I didn't even realize who Kaitlyn Snow was until I looked her up on Wikipedia and realized where it's going.  Stupid New 52 revamps.  ​