BoD Daily Update

More Possible Brock Lesnar Appearances?

It was previously reported that WWE and Brock Lesnar worked out a deal for more appearances in a pay-per-appearance deal, but WWE has not yet utilized that deal. That may be about to change. According to the WON, Lesnar is not yet booked for Survivor Series or TLC, but are in discussions with him about where they can use him in order to build to Royal Rumble. The winner of this weekend’s John Cena/Randy Orton match gets a future shot at the title, which more than likely will happen at the Rumble if he is not used on the next two shows.

Randy Orton Babyface?

According to the WON, there are discussions about turning Orton babyface. John Cena and Randy Orton are leading the two house show circuits and Orton is not drawing well as a heel, and they would like to turn that around. The seeds have already been planted for an Orton/Seth Rollins feud, and with Orton giving Paul Heyman the RKO on RAW. This may suggest that Orton will be the one to face Brock Lesnar for that title shot.

Rey Mysterio Done with WWE?

According to the WON, former WWE Spanish announcer Hugo Savinovich has said that Rey Mysterio is done with WWE and wants to work for AAA or Lucha Underground. WWE would like Mysterio to return, but Rey does not want to come back. He is still under WWE contract and is permitted to make appearances elsewhere off-camera.

How Much On-Screen Content Does TNA Have Left?

According to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, TNA has enough footage from their most recent tapings to air episodes up to the 11/19/14 episode of Impact. After that, in order to fulfill their deal with Spike TV, TNA will air recap shows with older footage. This gives TNA until the beginning of 2015 to secure a new TV deal.