I've emailed you before about the possibilities of Brock/Orton since it NEVER happened, but with Survivor Series in St Louis (Orton's hometown) and the apparent face turn looming as Rollins is taking his spot in the authority (and curb stomping him on raw), are we possibly building to the Class of 02 dream match?   They'd obviously have to pay Brock for another show, but that's a huge main event.  You can have Authority vs. Team Cena/Ambrose in a SS match on the undercard.  Or are we just gonna go Cena overcoming the odds to build to Brock/Cena 4?

​Hey, I was advocating Orton as the next challenger after Summerslam, but everyone on the blog was like "Bleh, Blandy Boreton, yawn"  NOW WHO'S THE SMART ONE?!  
But yeah, they're already planning on Cena/Brock at the Rumble according to Meltzer, so don't get your hopes up.  ​