An WWE Network Original?

Why isn't the WWE doing more original programming for the Network? They own WWE Studios!

Sure, they'd probably be terrible at it.  But at the very least, shouldn't all of the movies be available on it?  They could even be hyping "Special Network Premieres" for all the upcoming movies. Heck, they might even luck into creating their own "Orange is the New Black", or "Walking Dead", and get more casual fans ordering subscriptions.

Here's a few show ideas they can have:

  • The Marine, The Series (Hell take any movie they've done and add "The Series" to it)
  • Tag Team: Remake the Roddy Piper / Jessie Ventura cop show
  • Welcome to Parts, Unknown: Northern Exposure meets sports enterainment. A young doctor (or lawyer) takes a job in the small town of Parts Unknown with its eclectic cast of masked and face painted residents.
  • 4th and Take Down: A football comedy about a fictionalized West Texas A&M with players based on the actual wrestlers who went to that school (Dusty Rhodes, Tully Blanchard, Tito Santana, Terry Funk, Stan Hansen, Ted Dibiase).
  • Celebrity Tough Enough
  • Learning the Ropes: The New Class

Bonus movie

  • Space Slam: Space Jam – Michael Jordan + John Cena in an 8-man tag match with Bugs, Daffy and the Tasmanian Devil vs Aliens = ALL THE MONEY
Any pitches for shows you'd like to see on the Network?


Hmm, Orange Is The New Black with the Divas.  Might have something there.

They actually had a list of wacky show ideas they were developing a couple of months ago, before the bottom fell out of the Network, and about the most interesting idea they had was Steve Blackman working as a bounty hunter.  I would watch the s--- out of that.  
Definitely the WWE Studios garbage should be on there, just to fill out content if nothing else.  They keep replaying the same f------ 8 hours of live stream over and over!  Stick See No Evil or Chaperone 3: Still Chaperonin' in there to fill two hours, maybe.  I'd sit through Marine 2 for free, for example.  I usually keep enough booze around the house for that.  

What I legitimately WOULD like them see develop into a show is of course Are You Serious, complete with Puppet H.  There should be enough YouTube episodes in the can that they can even edit them into 2 or 3 half hour shows to start and buy time to make new ones.