WCW Clash Questions


Having missed a lot of early 90s WCW programming, I am going back and watching on the network (I wish they would include WCW Saturday Night to help provide some background for the PPVs and Clash but I digress.) 

Some quick questions:

1- I know pushes would start and stop in WCW due to management changes but Steve Austin in 1992 got to work a lot with established stars like Sting, Rude, Steamboat etc…. Were they actively trying to get him over as "the next guy" or was he just lucky to be in all those tag matches on top? 

​He was absolutely the next guy.  They were pushing the shit out of him but I guess Eric Bischoff just wasn't a fan.  To say the least.  Flair and Dusty have both stated many times that they saw Austin as a huge star, however.  ​Dusty breaking up the Hollywood Blonds in 1993 was his own bass-ackwards way of trying to get Austin over to the next level, in fact.  

2-The Steiners were really stiff. Did anyone ever complain about getting nearly decapitated by those clotheslines or having to work with them in general? Is it fair to say they toned down their style once they went to WWF? 

​Yeah, that's an understatement.  And yes, people definitely complained, although not much could really be done about it.  ​

3- With Flair gone, was there ever any talk of giving Arn Anderson a legit singles push? Was his talent wasted in all those random tag team pairings until the Horsemen reunited? 

​During the 91 era?  No, Anderson was a TV title guy and both he and the company were fine with that.  ​

4- If you could only watch every SNME or every CLASH for the rest of your life…Which show do you choose? 
Gee, do I watch endless Hulk Hogan 3 minute matches for the rest of my life, or Flair-Sting and Flair-Steamboat?  Gonna have to go with the Clash.  ​