WCW Prime: October 7, 1996

Friends, we approach the end of an era. This is the second to last edition of WCW Prime. Syndication cancellation is all the buzz. In response, WCW has done the unthinkable; THEY EDITED JOHNNY B BADD OUT OF THE OPENING CREDITS.
Our hosts are DUSTY RHODES, and MIKE TENAY replacing a vacationing Chris Cruise who can stay wherever he is as far as I’m concerned.

GOLDBERG PAT TANAKA vs. REY MISTERIO JR. (for the WCW world cruiserweight title)
Rey has undergone a spelling change on his last name tonight, a staple of WCW programming. He doesn’t carry his title, as per the rules of shows that were taped years ago, but I like to assume this is for the belt, because the idea of Pat Tanaka as a Cruiserweight delights me. Rey takes Tanaka to the floor, and hits a springboard plancha. Dusty declares “Juniah!” one of his favorites. Back in, Rey tries to snap off a quick rana, but Tanaka powerbombs him and that just irritates the canned heat to no end. A clothesline sets up a superkick for 2. Rey is put up top, but he fights Tanaka off and finishes with the West Coast Pop at 2:21. ** Rey remains red hot with the ever necessary Twin African American Female demographic.
ROUGH & READY vs. HARLEM HEAT (with Sista Sherri and Colonel Robert Parker)
Holy crap, can Rough & Ready fight ANYONE ELSE? This feud has been taking place on the G-level shows for, and this is an estimate, 470 years, and I’d really like to get this settled once and for all. Granted, I thought it WAS settled considering Rough & Ready have been doing their finest impression of the Washington Generals, but maybe … just maybe … The quality of this recording goes into a fuzzy haze, and I almost start to wonder if the nWo are taking over THIS show now too, but let’s not kid ourselves. Booker hits a shoulderblock on Slater that sends him to the floor, and he walks around the ring holding his head. Slater comes back and hits Stevie with the Flip Flop and Fly, which excites Dusty and makes the picture even fuzzier and more unbearable. Enos tags in and elbows Booker in the face. Booker comes back with a flying jalapeno, and he starts slamming the crackas. Harlem sidekick is delivered for Enos! All hell breaks loose, and the Rough and Ready boys start double teaming Booker on their side of the ring. Back in, Enos hits a piledriver for 2. They work together for a double Russian legsweep which is kinda sweet, but Booker won’t stay down. A diving headbutt misses, but Enos doesn’t lose control, and comes right back with a swinging neckbreaker for 2. Parker gets involved, but he gets decked. The distraction lets Sherri wallop Enos with the cane, and Booker steals the pin at 7:33. So that was long. *1/2
At this point I completely lose the signal all together, and I assume I miss a match in here somewhere. We return in progress with …
NICK PATRICK is refereeing without his neck brace. Dusty is doing some sort of analogy cartoon trains being turned off their track by an evil villain in an effort to make Ice Train more relatable. Then he wins with the Train Wreck out of nowhere at 1:16 of what aired (and honestly, was probably most of it).
Calo has been out for about 3 weeks with an injury, so you can expect him to continue making appearances on Prime and Worldwide through the end of the year. Calo uses a waistlock takedown, but Armstrong reverses the hold. Calo kicks him off, and butt butts him in the face. A triple jump crossbody takes down Armstrong, and a springboard armdrag sends Armstrong to the floor. Calo stalks him, hitting a swinging dropkick, and follows with a slingshot senton to the floor. Back in, a tilt-a-whirl slam sets up a missile dropkick – but Armstrong dodges and Calo hits canvas. A running clothesline levels Calo, and a Russian legsweep finishes at 2:20. The positive news for Calo is that his hat did not fall off. *
THE NASTY BOYS vs. HUGH MORRUS and MAXX (with Jimmy Hart) (in the Prime Cuts Moo Match of the Week)
NICK PATRICK is once again assigned to this, which should favor the Nastys since they are clearly in the nWo. Of course, no Dungeon match is complete without a rabid RON THE LEPRECHAUN running around at ringside, threatening to eat everyone. Drool runs down his face as he chases a camera man around, before retreating to his hole. Morrus tees off on the skull of Knobbs, and follows with an avalanche while the fans chant “NASTY!” A bulldog from Knobbs brings control back his way. Sags enters, and we have CLUBBERIN’! Dusty loses all self-control, and his excitement starts pouring down his leg! Maxx winds up pulling Knobbs to the floor, and sends him face first to the ringpost. He gets rolled in, and Morrus kicks him in the face. No Laughing Matter connects, but Sags makes the save. Maxx tells him to do it again, and you don’t have to ask Morrus twice. This one misses, and Sags gets the hot tag. Elbows are delivered with a little mustard to the face of Maxx, and a powerslam gets 2. Pier 6 breaks out, leaving the Nastys alone to hit their lazy clothesline version of Total Elimination at 6:02. **
Dusty wraps up the show, with a hard sell of Halloween Havoc – calling it the “final chapter” in the war between WCW and the nWo.

Dusty Rhodes wouldn’t lie.