Hey Scott,

A buddy of mine gave me "The Spectacular Legacy of the AWA" recently and I watched it today. The highlight for me was any time they talked to Nick Bockwinkel. In fact, there's a bunch of extras where he's talking about whatever, and they're the greatest. Nice guy, good storyteller, and from what I could tell, a hell of a wrestler.

What's your opinion of Bockwinkel? His legacy? Where he falls in terms of his place with relation to other all-time greats (e.g. Flair, Lawler, etc)?

​Well, I never really appreciated him growing up, because I was a HUGE Curt Hennig fan and Bockwinkel was this old guy clinging to the AWA World title who I wanted Curt to beat.  Plus by 86 he was way past his prime.  I think I appreciate him more for his stories on WWE DVDs now, because as Bobby Heenan famously said of him "If you ask Nick the time, he'll tell you how to build a watch."  But hey, he's in one of the matches I gave ***** to, so that's not bad.  Other than that, I can't really speak to his legacy, sorry.  ​