Edge again…sorry

In question to his longevity: Edge debuted in mid-1998, and retired after Wrestlemania 27 in 2011. That's a 14(!) year career with only the one serious hiatus (2/03-4/04) for neck surgery.  The other injury in 07 only missed a few months.  In comparison Cena and Orton have been there only 12 years each with each taking multiple breaks for injuries, movies, etc.  In summation, I think we can qualify Edge as having longevity and having as many or fewer injuries than almighty Cena himself.
​What is this, Edge Night?  His documentary is on the Network as well as we speak. 
As for his longevity, I tend to think of Hall of Fame guys as having 20+ year careers, which is why I think it's best to actually extend out the age of admittance to 45 or so instead of 35, because as Karl Stern has said many times, their story is still not finished at that younger age.  But it's a different business now anyway so it's not a perfect​ formula anyway.