Edge as HOFer

In a recent email someone questions Edge's HOF worthiness.  Am I missing something?  I admit to being an Edge mark but look at the resume.   Forget even counting the obscene amount of titles, but he was a pioneer of the extremes of the attitude era with ladder/TLC matches, was the inaugural MITB guy, won a Royal Rumble, main-evented Wrestlemania, and put on countless 4-5 classics in both singles and tag matches including the TLCs with the Hardys and Dudleys, WM matches with foley and Taker, and his long feud with Cena.  Not even mentioning that Edge & Christian is probably a top 5 all time tag team.  I guess my question is, what argument can one have against Edge?

The main one is that the only guy from his era that can be legitimately counted as moving the needle is John Cena, due to the company de-emphasizing individual people in favor of just promoting "Hey, WWE is coming, buy tickets!"  He also didn't have the longevity due to his back injury and was injury prone while active.  
That being said, I would certainly vote for him and I think he gets in based on ringwork, historical impact to a certain degree (ie, pioneering the whole Money in the Bank thing as a character trait) and certainly for being a draw in what limited sense that anyone CAN be a draw these days.