WCW TV Shows on WWE Network

Hi Scott

I was wondering if you had any idea when WWE plans on adding old WCW TV Shows like worldwide & Saturday night from the 80's onto the Network please?


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​Nope, and neither do they.  The really frustrating thing about the whole deal is that there's literally HUNDREDS of hours of those shows, plus Primetime Wrestling, that were cleaned up and digitized for WWE 24/7 and literally just need to be dumped onto the Network and indexed.  Since no one is buying a subscription for these shows except for, you know, exactly the kind of hardcore wrestling nerd they're trying to sell to, I don't know why they feel the need to withhold them.  
The best resource on updates and discussion of the Network I've found is the sub-Reddit for it, by the way:  


​  There's a daily bot that updates new content and people chat about it there all the time. ​