Tuesday Night Titans on Deja View?

Hi Scott,

Since the WWE won't be putting any of it's older shows to the Network any time soon (though, you'd think they'd at add a pile of Stampede shows as "Canadian Content" to appease the CRTC in Canada), why don't they try selling these shows to retro cable channels like Deja View or  specialty channels like the Fight Network? It's easy TV rights money. I'm sure Vince can under cut whatever it costs to broadcast Golden Girls reruns.

Hell, they could even repackage the old regional shows as with the appropriate Legend as host and sell them to local TV stations for cheap afternoon or late night programming. It seems like it would be an easy cash grab.

Unfortunately not.  The problem is that those kind of stations are generally owned by the content providers — Shaw, Bell, or Rogers — and then used as ultra-cheap content dumps for vaguely related material from more popular channels.  So Shaw owns HGTV, for example, and then offloads repeats of the "Canadian Content" reality TV junk that they are obligated to produce for it (Patio Deck Showdown!) onto, say, the Urban Lifestyle Channel so they can appear to be carrying two different Canadian stations.  Which is a long way of saying that WWE can't undercut zero cost for that kind of junk programming and thus chances of it appearing on one of those "force everyone to take this channel when they get Food Network" channels is pretty much nil.  
That being said, WWE still produces a show called Vintage Collection for international distribution and it was on the Score for a long time, but got punted when the WWE Network deal came through this year.  However, and this is one thing I'm shocked they haven't done yet, TSN still owns the rights to most of the Stampede Wrestling shows from the late 80s because there was a specific TSN-branded show made for them in the early days of the channel.  They could throw that s--- up on TSN5: The Cinco anytime they want instead of poker reruns and probably score GIANT ratings in the western provinces.  Giant compared to poker, of course.  I mean, they still do AWA reruns on ESPN Classic up here, so maybe they just forgot about the Stampede tapes?