NXT – October 16, 2014

October 16, 2014
Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida
Rich Brennan, Alex Riley, Renee Young
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
road to whatever the next big show is called continues and apparently
we’re now in the land of Titus O’Neil, who pinned Sami Zayn in last
week’s main event. Adrian Neville made the save and is likely going
to be Titus’ next opponent. It’s always hard to guess where things
are going with NXT week to week so it’s likely something totally
unrelated to last week. Let’s get to it.

Corbin vs. Elias Sampson
of Days, 18 seconds.
Sami Zayn with something to say. Last week he lost to Titus O’Neil
and that’s not ok because he’s better than that. It’s time to
refocus and go after the NXT Title (crowd ERUPTS for that) but Tyson
Kidd has other thoughts. Tyson says it’s time to face facts and is
wearing an InZayn shirt for some reason. He talks about how Sami is
lying to the people because everyone knows he’s going to blow it like
he always does.
cuts him off at the knees by asking if Kidd has Natalya’s permission
to be out here. Crowd: “YOU GOT SERVED!” Kidd laughs him off
but Sami says it’s the start of his road to redemption. He’s good
enough to be here and he’s good enough to beat Kidd, which he’ll
prove tonight. Sami suggests to go find Breeze’s phone and call
Nattie to make sure it’s ok. Kidd: “Why would Breeze have
Natalya’s number?” Anyway the match is on for later.
Dragons vs. Wesley Blake/Buddy Murphy
Murphy and Blake are now known as Team Thick. Cara backdrops Blake
down and it’s off to Murphy early on. Sin tries a springboard DDT
but gets muscled up into a suplex for two. Cool counter. The Thick
guys take over on Cara with some power stuff, including a slam and
chinlock from Murphy. Cara kicks away and makes the tag so Kalisto
can clean house. Everything breaks down and Cara takes Murphy to the
top for a superplex but jumps up for a victory roll and the pin at
D+. The Dragons are a good high
flying team and that’s all they need to be. I can’t imagine they’re
a long term option with the belts, but the NXT Tag Team Titles have
always beel dominated by big power teams instead of guys like the
Dragons. Still though, they’re fine for a change of pace and this
worked fine.
see Tyler Breeze beating Mojo last week.
says he’s out for awhile because of the shoulder but it’s just taking
one step back to take several forward. He tries to make this serious
and intense and it just doesn’t work. The time off is a good thing
for him though as he really needs to be repackaged.
Lynch vs. Charlotte
Becky takes her down with a quick armdrag and keeps Charlotte in
trouble on the mat, only to charge into a backbreaker out of the
corner. Charlotte puts on a figure four headlock and drives Becky’s
face into the mat a few times for good measure. A double clothesline
puts both girls down but it’s Lynch up first and in control. Some
legdrops get two for Lynch but Charlotte comes back with a suplex for
two of her own. Charlotte gets in a shot to the ribs and Natural
Selection is good for the pin at 4:07.
C+. Good back and forth match
here as Lynch continues to look like a star in the making. They’re
playing up the idea that she has natural skills but she doesn’t have
the experience to put it all together yet. It’s amazing how deep the
division is with different characters, especially when you look at
how generic most of the WWE Divas are.
see Itami and Funaki getting beaten down last week.
says Itami is in for the same treatment as Funaki if he doesn’t back
Amore/Colin Cassady vs. Legionnaires
throws Sylvester around to start and it’s off to Marcus, who goes
nuts on LeFort over his bald head. We’ll
call it a no contest at 30 seconds.
vs. Old Blue Pants
fans and announcers have no idea who the jobber is so they name her
after her pants. Carmella takes her down and puts on something like
a Crossface with her legs for the submission at 32 seconds. I
believe Blue Pants was a girl who wrestles under the name Leva
Banks and Becky argue over who is going to be the next Women’s
Champion. Banks asks her what she’ll do to make it to the top.
is defending against Titus O’Neil next week and is tired of all these
Raw and Smackdown guys coming after his title.
Zayn vs. Tyson Kidd
talks a lot of trash to start before cranking on a headlock. He
throws Kidd’s coat at him in the corner and you know it’s on now.
Tyson tries to speed things
up into a monkey flip but Zayn rolls to the side and is staring at
Kidd when he gets up. Some
more armdrags put Kidd on the floor and Sami teases a dive to mess
with him. Kidd stalls on the floor and gets Zayn to chase him, only
to jump to the apron for a kick to the face as we take a break.
with Kidd choking in the
corner and driving an elbow into Sami’s head. A neckbreaker gets two
and we hit the chinlock. Zayn
fights up and nails a dropkick but misses the Helluva Kick. Instead
a cross body is good for two and the Blue Thunder Bomb gets the same.
Kidd comes back with a hard
elbow to the face and a Moss Covered Three Handled Family Credenza
for two of his own. The
Sharpshooter goes on but Sami crawls over to the ropes. Sami
suplexes him into the corner and the Helluva Kick is good for the pin
at 10:30.
C+. These two are part of what
is becoming the NXT version of the Smackdown Six (or four in this
case). You can throw any combination of these two, Neville and
Breeze out there and you’re going to have a good match. That’s a
really valuable asset to have, but hopefully NXT doesn’t just let the
same guys have the same matches over and over again to water down the
matchups. Sami’s road to the title is clear, and man alive is that
arena going to explode when he wins.
C+. You can see the end
for a lot of these stories, but we still have about six weeks to go
to get there. This December special is going to be awesome with some
long stories getting blown off and the winners that people want to
see. It’s amazing how easy it is to have these stories with in depth
characters but no major company seems capable of pulling it off.
Good show this week as NXT
is back on track.
Corbin b. Elias Sampson – End of Days
Dragons b. Wesley Blake/Buddy Murphy – Victory Roll to Murphy
b. Becky Lynch – Natural Selection
b. Old Blue Pants – Leg choke
Zayn b. Tyson Kidd – Helluva Kick
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