WCW War Games


I've recently begun watching the WCW War Games DVD boxset, which WWE released last year.

I checked your review and you seem to be the biggest fan of the war games concept and you really enjoyed all the matches (or at least the majority) on the boxset.

What for you makes for a quality war games match? What is the key factor that defines a bad brawl from an excellent fight? Do you think WWE's Elimination Chamber or Hell in a Cell could be used effectively as a War Games throwback?

​Really you need a compelling feud with believable motivations and people who you can buy as hating each other.  The actual structure surrounding them isn't as important.  That's why the original versions worked so well:  The Horsemen had long-standing problems with Dusty's team, and the Dangerous Alliance had a series of issues with Sting's Squadron, to name two.  Elimination Chamber could have been used as a blowoff to Shield v. Wyatts but they felt it was more important to job Bray to John Cena 16 times in a row instead, so that's cool, I guess.  ​