The PG Era Recap: RAW, 10.13.14

The PG Era Rant for Raw, October 13,
Your Pre-Show promises the following:
  • Big Show battles Rusev.
  • NeNe Leakes is in the house.
  • Miz and Sheamus have a rematch.
Live from Atlanta, GA.
Your hosts are the usual suspects.
We review the main event situation for
Hell in a Cell.

And leading off is Dean Ambrose. He
wants nothing more than to be inside that Cell with Rollins. He’ll
make Seth Rollins with the two had never met. But first, John Cena’s
in his way, and that’s making him MAD. Ambrose, as promised, fired
the opening salvo on Raw, but Cena responded on SmackDown. But
Ambrose knows the score – this is about protecting Rollins. But so
what? Ambrose will climb the pole, then use the pole on Cena. Then
in the Cell, he will destroy Rollins – and there’s nothing ANYONE
can do to stop him.
John Cena is batting second with a
rebuttal. He tells Ambrose to relax because the match isn’t
happening for another two weeks and who knows if Ambrose will get
there at his speed. Does Ambrose want to knock Cena out again? Cena
has some advice for Ambrose: this is the biggest night of Ambrose’s
career – you might want to shut up and prepare.
“Thanks for the veteran advice, big
brother,” he said sarcastically. Ambrose has been ready for years
on end. And Ambrose knows Cena doesn’t care, too. Cena tells
Ambrose that that temper is holding Ambrose back. This is why Cena
is a 15-time champio and Ambrose is out of his league. Ambrose
simply drops the mic and flexes his knuckles…
…and HHH is up third. He adds to the
“not for another two weeks” bandwagon. All on the WWE Network!
But tonight, Stephanie (batting cleanup) wants a tag team match.
(HHH wonders if they can get along.) Stephanie and HHH place a bet:
HHH thinks they’ll ignore the match. Standard bet. It’s a triple
threat tag match: Cena/Ambrose v. Usos v. Dusts.
In the fifth spot are the Dusts, as
this match is RIGHT DAMN NOW. By which, as always, we mean after the
Time to make jokes about what the
“standard bet” is. The odds it isn’t PG are off the board.
Non-title (we hope): John Cena
and Dean Ambrose v. Goldust and Stardust v. The Usos.

It’ll be Ambrose and Jimmy to start. HASHTAG! Ambrose with a
hiptoss and headlock takedown for one. He tags in Cena, who works
the arm. Cena with the one-handed bulldog for one. Ambrose tags in,
and a double elbowsmash leads to the Power Drive Elbow for one.
Blind charge eats boot, and Jey enters only to run into a
straitjacket chinlock. Cena in, and the main eventers wishbone Jey.
Jey slides to a stop and uppercuts Cena, but Cena catches a crossbody
into the AA. Jey escapes and superkicks Cena for two. Jimmy in, and
the double-team forearm gets two. Jimmy with a top wristlock on Cena
as the crowd chants for/against Cena. Cena gets out and lands a
dropkick, but runs into a Samoan Drop for two. Jey tags in, and he
gets a judo throw and armbar. Crowd would like Stardust to enter.
Jey switches to a dropkick, but a Stinger Splash misses. Dean and
Jimmy in, and Ambrose enters Hot Tag mode with a crossbody.
Rope-tangle clothesline follows and Stardust throws Jimmy into the
timekeeper area as we go to break.
a Cena/Ambrose v. Usos match without the Dusts would probably be
epic. I wonder if the Dusts can hold up their end of the bargain.
#TripleThreat, part two.
Stardust and Jimmy exchange holds, with Stardust getting the better
of it. Goldust in, and they double-stomp Jimmy in the Tree of Woe
for two, Jey saves. Double-teaming as Jey is escorted out, but Jimmy
tries to fight back against Goldust. Slugfest is won by Jimmy, but
Goldust cuts of the tag and brings in Stardust. Stardust with a
snapmare and butterfly lock. Goldust in, and they double-team Jimmy.
Jimmy gets tossed into the Dust corner, so he clotheslines Stardust
and knocks Goldust to the floor. But Goldust pulls Jey away from the
tag, so Ambrose runs over Goldust on the outside. Jimmy figures, eh,
hot tag Cena’s as good as anything, and Cena runs over Stardust.
Five Knuckle Shuffle sets up the AA, but Stardust lands on his feet
and Goldust powerslams Cena. Jey superkicks Goldust, and the Usos
fly onto the Dusts. Cena goes up top, and he wipes everyone out
(except the perplexed Ambrose). So Ambrose says the heck with it and
dives onto everyone. Including Cena. He tosses Goldust and Cena in,
and it’s the AA to Stardust that gets the pin at 14:36. **3/4
before they can celebrate, the Authority are back. Steph won the
bet. (Standard bet: $1.) But HHH hates losing, so how about some
more motivation for those two? Why wait for Hell in a Cell? That
contract on a pole match will be TONIGHT! Because only one of them
will face Rollins in the Cell, and it’s whomever gets the contract.
And they WILL tear each other apart to get there. Hell starts now!
Cena and Ambrose have an uneasy standoff.
have a look back at Big Show vs. Rusev to set up tonight.
last week, AJ got sick of Emma and walked out on her. She’ll try
with someone else tonight.
could definitely get used to long matches opening every show.
AJ Lee and Layla v. Alicia Fox
and Paige.

Layla, really? Inset promo shows nobody likes anyone. AJ skips
with Alicia to start, knocking her over and demanding Paige. Fox
recovers with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for two. Now Paige tags in,
and she skips. AJ pops up behind Paige and chases her around the
ring. Fox tags in, and Alicia pulls AJ away and throws her into the
corner. Big boot misses as Fox gets hung up, but Layla abandons the
match on AJ. Duh. AJ recovers with a Shining Wizard for the pin at
1:46. AJ is furious and takes out Layla post-match. Layla eats
every barricade AJ can find.
to the graphics people: there is no double-headed eagle on the
Russian flag. Hasn’t been there for centuries.
Stephanie adjusts the pink pin on HHH when Randy Orton shows up. He
has a match with Dolph Ziggler, but first, he wants to clarify that
even though Seth Rollins is the future, it’s a long way away. Orton
still gets a spotlight. He knows Rollins will lose, but Orton won’t.
So Orton wants a Hell in a Cell match with whomever Seth Rollins
isn’t facing “in the main event at Hell in a Cell”. HHH agrees.
Rowan is on his own.
So much for
there being any unknowns entering Hell in a Cell. Sounds like
they’re hedging their bets. Now, watch Cena/Orton main event over
Ambrose/Rollins because Vince is tone deaf.
Dolph Ziggler v. Randy Orton.
Cesaro is at ringside to watch, claiming he should have a rematch
because of cheating by Ziggler in their title match on SmackDown back
in the day. Long lockup goes nowhere. Dolph takes over on Round Two
with punches in the corner, so Orton bails. He catches Dolph
outside, but Dolph sends Orton into the steps. Back in, Dolph with
elbows in the corner and he boxes Orton down. Stinger Splash
connects, but the giant elbow… is a fakeout, leading to a headlock.
Orton suplexes out of it, and the Garvin Stomp gets one. Orton
plays the crowd, but Dolph recovers and sends Orton into all the
turnbuckles. Dropkick gets one. Orton suckers Dolph into the middle
buckle, then hangs him up on the top rope. He picks Dolph up, but
gets hung up on the ropes. Dolph gets one off of it. Dolph stalks
Orton, tossing him into the barricade, and back in, he gets two.
Dolph tries a whip, but gets sent shoulder-first into the post by
Orton. He plays the crowd some more, then goes for the Draping DDT.
Dolph sends Orton to the apron and dropkicks him off. Orton thinks
about leaving, but sees Seth Rollins watching him and thinks better
of it as we go to break.
for Mania is going to be a fun match.
Ziggler/Orton, part two.
Orton’s now in control with a headlock as Seth Rollins is at
ringside. (During the Break, Orton took over by suplexing Dolph onto
the announcers’ table.) Dolph punches out, but a dropkick is turned
into a slingshot into the top buckle. It gets two. Dolph grabs
Orton’s leg, so Orton puts him on the top rope as the crowd gets on
Rollins. An uppercut on Dolph and Orton climbs, but Dolph headbutts
Orton down. Orton goes back up and it’s a slugfest, so Dolph knocks
Orton down again but can’t follow up. Orton stops Dolph from setting
up on the top rope and climbs one more time, and third time’s the
charm for a superplex. Orton crawls over for two. Orton stares at a
thrashing Dolph before slugging away. He kicks at Dolph, but Dolph
recovers with right hooks. Orton kicks Dolph back down, but he runs
into Dolph’s comeback sequence. Stinger Splash and Rude Awakening
fires up the crowd. And the giant elbow gets two. Superkick is
caught, and Orton powerslams Dolph for two. Orton stands over Dolph
before setting up the Draping DDT, which connects this time. Orton
mouths off (to some cheers, surprisingly), and he calls for the RKO.
Dolph cradles Orton for two. Sky High DDT misses, Rocker Dropper
misses, but superkick doesn’t – for two. Crowd deems the match
Awesome. Both men slowly get up, but Dolph misses the Zig Zag.
Rocker Dropper try is caught into a CATAPULT RKO. Yeah, that’s a pin
at 18:20. The finish alone is worth a bonus. ***1/2
though, Rollins enters the ring. Orton starts barking at Rollins,
who all but ignores him and Curbstomps Dolph for grins. Rollins is
next anyway.
of good long matches tonight? Thank you wrestling gods!
Seth Rollins v. Jack Swagger.
Rollis gets sent into the corner but escapes and we have a
stalemate. Round Two sees Swagger control, but Rollins escapes the
high belly-to-belly and we have another detente. They exchange
wristlocks, with Rollins getting the better of it, but Swagger powers
out and Rollins bails. He avoids a chop block but gets run over on
the way back in. Swagger throws Rollins over the top rope, but
Rollins with an elbow back in. He goes up but gets caught by
Swagger. Rollins drops Swagger’s arm on the ropes and gets an
armbreaker. He stomps the arm as the crowd gets behind Swagger.
Rollins works the arm around the ropes, then sends the hammerlock
into the turnbuckle. He pulls the hair, and when Swagger tries to
yank Rollins away, Rollins grabs the arm to a hammerlock. Good
sequence there. Swagger with a one-armed belly-to-belly and huge
biel. Vaderbomb is aborted as Rollins bails, but Swagger runs him
over on the outside. WE THE PEOPLE! Swagger sends Rollins into the
steps, but Orton is now watching the match, which distracts Swagger.
Rollins knocks Swagger off the apron and gets a tope suicida.
Authority members make eye contact as we go to break.
many long wrestling matches. I love it.
Rollins/Swagger, part two.
Swagger punches his way out of the corner, but Rollins vaults a
charge and gets an enzuigiri for two. Running splash to Swagger and
Rollins poses. Back to the arm, with some knees to the ribs for good
measure. Swagger tries to fight back, but Rollins with a snapmare
and soccer kick. Rollins and Orton jabber before the crowd gets on
Rollins. He takes it out on Swagger, stomping away before going to a
wristlock. Crowd wants Orton to do something. Rollins tries to
vault Swagger in the corner, but gets caught with a wheelbarrow
suplex (!!) for two. Swagger begins the comeback, sending Rollins
into the HBK corner bump and a BAAAAAAAACK body drop. WE THE PEOPLE!
Vaderbomb connects for two. Red White and Blue Thunder is tried,
but Rollins escapes. Blind charge from Swagger eats boot, but
Rollins is caught with the high Greco-Roman suplex for two. Swagger
with a chop block and he goes for the Patriot Lock. Rollins rolls
through and, after a cradle fakeout, gets a low superkick. Rollins
is favoring his leg and can’t get up right away. Curbstomp is caught
into the Patriot Lock. Rollins easily makes the ropes. Swagger
tosses Rollins into the post, but Rollins stops a second wheelbarrow
suplex try with a prawn cradle and the tights for the win at 15:11.

RKOs Swagger and glares right at Rollins, as the two of them have a
staredown in the center of the ring. We can’t hear what they’re
saying, but they have an uneasy detente as Rollins walks away.
booked this week, and can they keep Vince locked away so that more
weeks are like this?
Young is with Dean Ambrose. She asks what to expect from Ambrose
tonight, but Ambrose twists the question: you WON’T expect a nice
guy. Everyone – including HHH – knows it. So Ambrose is in for
the long haul. He’s ready to put John Cena in his place two weeks
early, then he’ll send Rollins to Hell. We’re on the Highway to
Hell! (Yes, he sang.)
Phillips is with Big Show. He asks if Show can be the first to beat
Rusev. Show reminds Todd that after their DQ finish on SmackDown, he
knocked Rusev out. Rusev can be beaten, and it will happen tonight
with a KO. Yeah, Mark Henry came close, but – no offense to Mark –
a giant can carry the hopes of America much better. He can show
Rusev what he learned in sensitivity training. That match is NEXT!
those wondering, 138 kilos = 304 pounds. You’re welcome.
But before our match, Lana speaks Russian. Then she talks about
Columbus Day. Columbus was stubborn, clueless, lost, an egomaniac,
and racist. But hey, that’s how most non-natives are. (Cheap heat
goes here.) The crowd begins a loud Tomahawk Chop to support the
Braves, which rattles Lana. But Rusev says Show’s actions have
consequences. A HUGE USA chant breaks out. Rusev promises to rip
out Big Show’s spine – if he has one. Show will fail just like
Mark Henry failed. It’s time to Crush.
Rusev v. Big Show.
HASHTAG! Rusev runs into a big boot, and Show goes clubbering.
Rusev eats turnbuckle and the CHOP OF DOOM from Show follows. Rusev
gets dumped and Show follows. Rusev eats table and gets CHOPPED on
the table. Rusev eats the barricade as well, and back in, it’s a
headbutt to Rusev. Another CHOP OF DOOM follows as Rusev falls out
of the ring. Show follows – screw countouts – and sends Rusev
into the barricade again. Crowd is soundly behind Big Show as they
re-enter the ring. Another headbutt follows, then an elbowdrop.
Crowd brings up the Tomahawk Chop again, and Show returns it into the
TOMAHAWK CHOP OF DOOM. Show steps on Rusev on the ropes, but he
charges into a dropkick (!!) from Rusev. And it hits the head, too!
Rusev is up first and stomps away. He drops his weight on Show’s
back, but Show gets up and tries a slugfest. Rusev gets separation,
then clotheslines Show out of the ring as we go to break.
Big Show’s got his working boots on tonight.
Rusev/Show, part two.
Rusev has a standing crossface on Show, choking him down. Show
breaks out but gets a knee to the gut and Stinger Splash to the back.
Back to the head-and-arm lock. Show is close to passing out, but
refuses the arm test. Show punches out and gets a headbutt to go
back into control. He goes to the second rope (!?), but the big
elbow misses. (According to the announcers, he did this during the
break, too.) Rusev with a front chancery to choke out Big Show,
screaming “BIG SHOW IS MINE” but Show powers out of the hold and
turns it into a bodyslam. Show’s ready for the KO Punch, but Rusev
ducks and gets the leaping superkick. Camel clutch is somehow
hooked, but here’s Mark Henry to cheer Show on. Rusev breaks to
knock down Henry, then puts the clutch back on. Henry says the heck
with this and bowls over Rusev for the DQ at 14:07. **1/4

Show doesn’t appreciate the interference, but they talk it over.
Then they decide to reconcile over beating up Rusev, surrounding him.
JBL: “The hell with sensitivity, knock him out!” Rusev goes
after Henry as a brawl breaks out, but he walks into the KO Punch.
Henry helps Show to the back.
Young finds Sheamus and asks about tonight’s rematch. He says the
only thing worse than one Miz is two Mizzes. Mizzi? Meez? Anyway,
they’re a bad rash, but the Brogue Kick is the cure.
match was seriously 10 times better than I thought it would be.
it seems Todd Chrisley’s sum total of “appearing” on this show is
a sneak peek of the new season and ringside seats. Oh, and an
interview during introductions for the next match.
Sheamus v. The Miz.
Miz bails early and the chase is on, which allows Miz to take
advantage when they return. Sheamus with a back elbow, but Miz
escapes and tries to run out. Sheamus catches him with a high
hiptoss and back kick. Headlock to Miz (as Sandow goes full-on
method actor), so Sheamus throws Miz into Sandow to get it to stop.
Back in, Miz ducks a shot to the head and begs off (as does Sandow),
but Miz kicks the shin and pounds away. Through-the-ropes
clothesline follows, then more left hands. Kick to the head gets
one. A second head kick gets another one count. Miz hooks a
chinlock as the crowd wants Sandow (not Mizdow, Sandow). Sandow has
it hooked harder than Miz. Sheamus breaks the hold and lands Irish
Hammers for the comeback. Big running kneelift but the running knee
misses and Miz with the low DDT for two. Miz slaps Sheamus around,
which is profoundly stupid, and Sheamus recovers by tossing Miz over
the top by the foot. Both men grab their knees in pain and beg off
of Sheamus, then they crawl under the ring. Sheamus tries to pull
someone out, but gets Sandow and Brogue Kicks him. Miz crawls across
the ring and beats the count back in at 5:17. Well, they can’t all
be winners. 3/4*
Total Divas visit NeNe Leakes, then gets in a sass-off with Cameron.
Holy cow, NeNe
is huge. A tank. Not fat, just… tall and big.
13 update: still aware of breast cancer.
Nikki Bella, Summer Rae, &
Cameron v. Natalya, Naomi, & Brie Bella.

Rosa Mendes is at ringside. No sign of Eva Marie, though. This is
the Total Divas cross-promotion of the show. NeNe and Rosa Mendes
embrace. HASHTAG! Natalya and Cameron start, with Cameron slapping
Natalya and getting it back. Cameron sends Natalya into the corner,
and a suplex follows. Nikki in, and she bowls over Natalya for two.
Nikki mocks Daniel Bryan in Brie’s face, getting cradled for two.
She cuts off Natalya from the tag with a front facelock. Nikki
throws Natalya into the corner, and Summer in with a hairpull slam.
Legdrop misses, and hot tag Brie. She swings at Nikki, so Summer
cradles Brie for two. Dropkick hits (close enough), and the running
knee gets two, Cameron saves. Naomi gets chucked by Cameron, but
Natalya catfights Cameron out. Meanwhile, Summer with a jawbreaker
and Nikki tags herself in. She slugs down Brie, but Brie escapes the
Torture Rack and gets the facejam to win at 3:36. It was short and
nobody embarrassed themselves. I’ll allow it. 1/2*
YES chants for everyone!
bringing the workrate tonight! I love it! Did K. Allen Frye book
this show?
SmackDown main event: Sheamus and the Usos against Miz and the Dusts.
first, Renee Young is with John Cena. The home of WrestleMania 27
gets a PPV main event for free. Yes, a week ago, Dean Ambrose beat
Cena and knocked him out. The crowd loved it because Ambrose has the
guts to face down everyone – including Cena. Tonight is gonna be
ugly, but it’s about more than guts – it’s about toughness and
brains. If he has to prove the Authority right, he will. This isn’t
about $1 bets or hot dog carts – it’s about the future meeting the
present! And that’s NEXT!
Wyatt has set his men free, but he’s not alone – Sister Abigail is
watching him.
video seemed to imply Bray had an explicit connection with the devil
– I’m pretty sure he was speaking in tongues at the end. In both
senses of the word – speaking in a foreign language AND multiple
Main event, No Holds Barred,
Contract on a Pole, Winner gets Rollins, Loser gets Orton: John Cena
v. Dean Ambrose.

That enough stips? The entire Authority is out one by one to watch.
HASHTAG! Both men climb to start, but that goes nowhere and Ambrose
pummels Cena. Ambrose with a bodypress and punches before sending
Cena into the corner and stomping away. Ambrose tries to climb now,
but Cena catches him with a back suplex. Cena gets a vertical
suplex, then another. Ambrose wants another and gets it. Cena
thinks of climbing, but decides to attack instead. Ambrose tosses
Cena off the bulldog but instead of climbing, he pounds Cena in the
aisle. They brawl on the stage, and Cena tries an AA, but Ambrose
escapes and suplexes Cena. The Authority is laughing at how far away
they’re fighting. Ambrose gets to the ring first, but he’s caught on
the top rope and Electric Chaired by Cena. Cena now climbs, but
Ambrose pulls him down. Ambrose escapes an AA and gets the
rope-tangle clothesline. Double Arm DDT (the new Dirty Deeds) is
escaped, and Cena reverses to the STF. Ambrose bites Cena’s hands to
break. Cena goes to the apron, so Ambrose knocks him off and dives
onto Cena with a tope suicida. HHH finds this hilarious. Ambrose
sends Cena into the steps, but Cena returns the favor. Cena tells
the Authority to clear out, but this allows Ambrose to reverse Cena
into the barricade. Orton asks Ambrose why he’s not climbing, so
Ambrose responds with a shot to the head. The argument allows Cena
to knock over Ambrose. The Authority yells at Cena, so Cena throws
Ambrose into everybody. Back in, Orton jumps Cena and stomps away,
but Ambrose attacks Orton, and the Authority begins the 3-on-2
beating. Cena and Ambrose clears out everyone, with Cena getting an
AA to Kane, but during the melee Ambrose climbs and grabs the
contract (with a You Can’t See Me at Cena) for the win at 6:26. *1/2
is being called in by Cena as Rollins slowly walks to the ring.
Ambrose taunts Rollins as Cena and Orton have a staredown.
is what Nitro was like most of the time in 1997-98. You had long
matches, some celebrities, good pacing, and an overbooked main event.
The difference is the logic: everything made sense and built to
something. The last half-hour couldn’t keep up the workrate, but it
still was entertaining. Even the Divas kept it short and sweet,
hitting their spots and getting the point across. A longer main
event would’ve been nice, but other than that, no complaints.
TIME: 79:19 (!!) over eight matches
MATCH: Ziggler/Orton
MATCH: AJ/Layla v Paige/Fox
MVP: Dean Ambrose
SCORE: 8. This will probably be a controversial rating, but what I
like are long matches that advance the stories, and we got it.
Rollins and Orton’s jealousy was advanced, we got two main events
made, and the other matches pushed the story. I could watch shows
like this every week.
Perri will be by tomorrow with Main Event. Danielle will torture
herself with Total Divas. Brian Bayless will do daily updates, while
the Stranger will take over on weekends moderating the discussion.
Dock Muraco will let you know what you’re missing in Japan. Logan
Scisco will do WWF 1998. Scott Keith himself will review 1995 and
answer your questions. And if things go right, I’ll post a Retro PPV
look on Saturday.
says wrestling on the marquee.