Duggan in 93

Hi scott,

Question for you about Jim Duggan in 1993. It seemed like he was being primed for a push in the beginning of the year, having been the first man to knock Yokozuna down (which I remembered being a big deal as a kid), getting a slight repackage with new gear, and being put in high profile matches with Narcissist Luger and IC champ Shawn Michaels. Then he was basically squashed out of the King of the Ring and was gone from the company.

Were there any plans for Duggan moving forward that year? If so, what happened? Was he just attached at the hip to Hogan at the time and once Hogan was gone, he was gone too?

Duggan was just a guy they could plug into a top spot during off-times and beat without worrying about him getting over again.  I doubt there was any bigger plans than the usual "foreign menace insults America, Duggan goes Hooo and waves the flag" type of stuff.