Angle’s talks with WWE

Apparently Kurt Angle would return to WWE if he could work a part-time schedule, and he's in talks with WWE. 

What possible interest would WWE have in a 45 year old, broken-down wrestler with mental health and substance abuse issues?

He's been off WWE TV for 8 years, which means that many of the kids and teenagers who make up a good chunk of the core audience have no memory of ever seeing him in WWE, so they'd have to build him back up again as something special.

And for what purpose? To feed him to Brock?

Is there any up-side WWE hiring Kurt Angle as a performer at this point? I can't see any.

Putting over Rusev.  But that's more of a one or two shot deal where he can get the big pop on RAW for interrupting the Rusev speechifying, build up to a match at Royal Rumble where Rusev Crush, and then Rusev can bridge to the big Cena program at Wrestlemania.  

Plus Kurt would be a fantastic trainer, but that's hardly a role he would want to take at this point.