WCW Prime: September 30, 1996

Who knew the asshole of
Jerry Sags could generate so much discussion?
I wasn’t a member of the
IWC in 1996, but some of you were, and despite the passage of time, like sands
through the hourglass, those were the days of your lives. CRZ started the discussion:
It was enough of a big deal to scuttle the Nastys’
role in the NWO and start them down the road of their eventual WCW demise. I
tried to find a good r.s.p-w thread about it, but came up with this
(groups.google.com) instead, which has two retellings of (I’m sure)
whatever Meltzer said about it, including Micasa’s. It also has a reply from
THE RICK in there, so be sure to expand the other posts! The sad thing is Sags
was probably just too hip for the room by aping something as timely as
“Ace Ventura” in 1996.

thecubsfan also thumbed through his virtual library of the Observer to bring us:
1996-10-07: NWO stuff looked like public
access TV although there were a few funny lines. Nasty Boys joined the NWO and
Jerry Sags bent over and spread his cheeks saying he was doing an impression of
Eric Bischoff on last week’s TV show. Bischoff walked off the set early into
the second hour for no explainable reason although what Sags did may not have
been planned (although there is so much swerving going on these days that you
never know) and nobody seemed to know ahead of time that Bischoff was going to
walk off.
1996-10-14: Eric Bischoff did make a hot
phone call to the hotel room where Hogan and company were hanging out regarding
Jerry Sags bending over and spreading his cheeks (and he didn’t even know at
the time what happened to the ratings after that).
1996-10-21: At the Nitro from Cleveland on
9/30, if you had a dish, you could find the back-haul feed from the hotel room
and see Kevin Sullivan after the NWO segments handing the guys their scripts,
telling them where to sit and what to say. It’s amazing something that bad was
actually scripted. Anyway, after the show ended those watching on dishes could
see Savage and Liz walk back into the room where Eric Bischoff, Sullivan and
the NWO guys were all talking about what a great job they’d done.
So Jerry Sags, in the
shootiest room of shooty shooters that’s ever graced our television screens, is
given the scapegoat treatment because he bent over and talked with his ass? He
was wearing his pants for god sakes, it’s not like his brown eye made its WCW
debut (tonight on Prime, Brown Eye takes on Braun the Leprechaun – does he have
the stomach to try and eat it?).
I have absolutely no use
for the Nastys (I’m sure you’re SHOCKED to read this, I know I try very hard to
play it straight and never share my feelings) – but this is just petty. Was
Bischoff mad because the ratings dropped and could blame it on Sags, or more
likely, was he mad that somebody made Bischoff look bad … unapproved.
WCW in all its glory
never ever ceases to focus on all the wrong things while ignoring the bigger
picture. Like, for example, that the entire nWo thing is becoming a little
overdone? That maybe it’s time for a hint of some comeuppance? That maybe WCW
should stop being booked like buffoons? And maybe, just maybe, it’s high time
to edit Johnny B Badd out of the Prime opening credits? (Or Hulk Hogan for that
matter who has appeared on this show exactly as often as he appeared on RAW in
Well thank the lord, MIKE TENAY has replaced Chris Cruise,
but DUSTY RHODES continues to loom
Tenta enters to “Not Evenflow”,
later used by Chris Jericho. Konan has once again been stripped of an “N”, but
based on his entrance music this was taped before he joined the Dungeon of
Doom, but after he started wearing flannel, so … a month ago? Tenay talks about
Konan like he’s a blooming flower, cuz he can’t stop talking ‘bout his ROOTS.
Tenta goes through his usual, hitting a hurricanrana off the bell, but misses
the 450 splash. Konan comes back with the Space Flying Tiger Drop, which Tenta
sells by flying backwards into the crowd. He leaps the guardrail with lightning
speed, and gives Konan something to think about with the spear and jackhammer
combo. Okay, I made all that up, Tenta misses a crappy splash and Konan wins
with a senton at 3:09. 1/2*
I’m thoroughly confused,
there’s a vortex of suck and amazing in the same ring, and I truly don’t know
what the heck is going to happen. Gambler isn’t dressed as suave as he was the
last time we saw him, but he does have his oversized card deck, which he
smartly uses as a weapon. The fans boo him because they are all going to hell.
Renegade uses all his moves, like punches, and … well, that’s about it. Gambler
tries to break the Gambler’s shoulder, but he’s far too smart for that and goes
to the ropes. He shakes it off as best he can, while the referee insists
Renegade stay in the ring. Gambler calls for time out, but it’s a trick!
Eyerake for YOU! That gives him a solid advantage for no less than 2 and a half
seconds before Gambler finds himself trapped in an armbar. Tenay trips over his
words by saying Renegade continues to “apply pleasure” to the Gambler’s
shoulder. He might want to consider opening a rub n tug, and stay off my TV.
Gambler shoots a back elbow for 1, so he tries a choke instead. We move to a
rear chinlock, in what seems to be the slowest moving match of all time. I won’t
even acknowledge the audience screaming for Renegade with the ferocity of 1000
constipated bowels. Renegade finally hits the handspring back elbow and
finishes with a bulldog at, and I wish I was making this up, 7:26. Renegade declares he’s back and
better than ever. I agree, this might be his highest rated match ever. -**
NICK PATRICK is your referee, and Johnny Boone is a future referee, so don’t rule
out shenanigans, even if this was taped at some point in late 1989, as
evidenced by Patrick’s lack of moustache. Wallstreet hits a butterfly suplex,
and locks Boone in an abdominal stretch, cheating like he’s Ric Flair (which he’s
not). Stock Market Crash finishes at 2:51.
Match of the night so far! *
THE FACES OF FEAR (with Jimmy Hart) vs. CHRIS
BENOIT and ARN ANDERSON (in the Prime Cut Moo Match of the Week)
If you don’t know who I’m
rooting for here, then this is the first of my recaps you’ve ever read. Arn
rakes the Barbarian’s eyes, but he doesn’t even feel it and powerslams Arn.
Benoit runs in to save, and he just eats a clothesline, while Barbarian bounces
around like he’s a young Brock Lesnar. Benoit and Meng pair off now, and trade
blows. Benoit throws some of the hardest chops of his life, which just make
Meng madder and madder. He plans Benoit with a dropkick, but misses a leaping
headbutt allowing Benoit to hit a German suplex. The Horsemen double team with
stomps, so Meng just starts karate chopping Arn in the head to make it stop.
Benoit throws more chops, but now Meng has his own, and that doesn’t go well
for our Canadian friend. Twin headbutts from the Fear brings Barbarian back in.
He goes for snakeyes, but Benoit slides off the back and now they double stomp
Barbarian. Barbarian isn’t Meng, so he sells, just a little. Benoit hits a
cannonball, while Arn works on Barbarian’s inner thigh. Of course, as soon as
he picks Barbarian up, he takes a suplex, and here comes Meng again. He pounds
the ever loving s--- out of Arn, who rolls to the floor and brings Meng’s leg
with him. He wraps it around the post, but before he can follow up an irate
Barbarian is already chasing him off. Benoit comes in to follow up, but quoting
Dusty, “Meng just wants to beat the snot out of him!” Tag to Barbarian who hits
the pumphandle slam, and Arn has to save at 2. Thrust kick connects, and
Barbarian puts on a chinlock. It doesn’t last long before Benoit fights loose and
hits an overhead belly to belly. Barbarian is up first anyway, and tags Meng.
Meng hits an awesome spike piledriver, and as Barbarian hits a powerslam, both
guys go up for the double swandive. It hits, but Arn saves from the pin. Meng’s
had enough of that, and attacks, but Arn knocks him to the floor! Benoit hits
Barbarian with a German suplex and heads up, but Meng’s already back up and
crotches Chris! Barbarian hits an overhead superplex, but he walks right into
Arn’s DDT. He drapes Benoit on top, holds off Meng, and the stupid Horsemen win
the stupid match at 9:23. Stupid, stupid, frickin’ awesome match. ****
Back to the studio, where
Tenay reminds us that Randy Savage has a title shot at Halloween Havoc. Dusty
says he’s been a part of a lot of marquee matches, but the biggest matches in
history have had Hogan or Savage either together, or against each other. It’s
the biggest matchup in the last 5 years, if you wheel. And that’s a wrap.

You know, that match
deserved a lot more press than the asshole of Jerry Sags. Those Faces of Fear
are pretty damn good.