Not vacant yet vacant.

So, Brock Lesnar is the WWE World Heavyweight Champion and is apparently going to return to WWE TV sometime in JANUARY to hype up his title defense at the Royal Rumble PPV.

Is that even f------ OK to begin with?

It's THREE months without the championship being defended on any PPV, and am I supposed to believe everyone on the roster just wouldn't give a f--- about it? No one would even mention anything about there being a Champion or not?

I don't have a problem with Brock Lesnar being the Champion at all, but are THREE dates so precious that they can't even have him on PPVs to justify him being the Champion? Paul Heyman could do all of his work, and a random guy could be a transition challenger who gets squashed by Lesnar at the PPV for all that he's worth. That will not only make sense to have Lesnar as the Champion, but also make Lesnar look like the unstoppable monster that no one can beat. (I'm not considering Cena's stupid DQ win at the Night Of Champions PPV)

Seth Rollins' briefcase means nothing for three months, I guess. And whatever happened to that cash-in story? He apologized to Heyman and that's it?

I was actually looking forward to a dominating title reign for Lesnar. But it's only going to be ONE squash. One DQ loss. YAWN. Retain at the Rumble. Another win at Elimination Chamber and finally a clean loss at WrestleMania. That, according to me, is b-------.

They do have other main-events planned, I'm sure. The Hell In A Cell main event has been announced. The Survivor Series main event would probably be the classic 5 on 5 tag match, say Team Ambrose vs Team Rollins. And TLC would probably consist of Rollins putting his briefcase on the line against Ambrose in a TLC match. Not that I think that's bad, but having a title match on every PPV is what I've grown up watching. 

What do you think?

It's OK in the sense that "Being Brock Lesnar" is a much more important and valuable title than the WWE title in every sense, and needs to be protected.  Yeah, you're kind of sacrificing the belt to get over the concept of Brock as the monster who doesn't care about, but that's the STORYLINE.  If you start to have people going on TV and bitching that Brock is a coward who doesn't defend the title, it builds up the eventual defense as something really important.
That being said, I absolutely do not trust them to pull that off.  And in fact the stupid Cena DQ was, according to apologists, a great way to set up a Cena-Brock HITC match that in fact is not happening.  So they're already losing credibility with this.  Why then did Brock not just beat Cena again?  
I guess the other silver lining is that the concept of making the briefcase into the title could be something that could be explored, but then you don't want the precendent of the case jumping around and becoming just another prop.  Or they could make the IC or US title into the main featured one, but that's a lot of heavy duty rehab work from a company who can barely book a Divas match.  Never mind that Sheamus has been US champion for months now and I have to check Wikipedia to remind myself of who the champion is.  
So yes, I feel your pain on the Brock thing, but I think they're trying to play the long game with this one.  Will it succeed?  If it makes Reigns into a star, yes.  If not, then it was a lot of money spent for nothing.