Nick Dinsmore Interview

Former WWE Superstar and coach, Nick Dinsmore, took some time to chat with Rob McCarron on Shake Them Ropes. The former "Eugene" in WWE, Nick discussed a wide range of topics from returning to WWE to coach at the Performance Center to living in India for three months while taping Ring Ka King.

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On seeing the Performance Center… 
"No, this is something that when I first saw it, it blew my mind. I heard they went and looked at the New York Giants facility to see what the standard is for professional athletes, and I feel like the Performance Center far exceeds that."

On new talent coming in…
"There's a wide variety of talent there, from former professional athletes to actors to independent wrestlers… They're people that can perform. It's something special I saw at the Performance Center."

On Kenta & Prince Devitt's integration into WWE…
"Kenta would have English class every day to help with his English. Fergal had apparently never driven a car before, so he would have driving classes. WWE was right there to help anyone who wanted to take a college course to help them with their WWE product, WWE was a very helpful company. Phenomenal."

Nick goes into what his role on the training team was, the evolution of the Performance Center, talents to watch out for, why he was a good hire in 2013, and his thoughts on his release from WWE last week. He discusses his next moves, where you can find him, and even goes into his work on Ring Ka King in India. A fun interview with Nick Dinsmore, we hope you check it out!

Rob McCarron