Original WWE Network idea discussed 3 years ago.

Hey Scott,

 I stumbled across this while looking through your older content and 3 years ago Vince made mention of creating what we know today as WWE Network you even made a post about the subject on this very blog, which I have linked: http://www.rspwfaq.net/2011/09/vince-goes-completely-insane-film-at-11_23.html Do you still stand by your original comments of how it is the worst move possible the WWE could have made? Cheers.Well it's not like it's doing very well at the moment, and they've basically cannibalized their PPV business.  I'm glad they did it, but I have to think that they're regretting jumping in with all appendages at once like they did.  Yeah, they can make it work by cutting the shit out of all their expenditures, but the launch was kind of a debacle.  But what's done is done.