WWF Superstars of Wrestling November 8th, 1986

November 8, 1986

From the Broome County Arena in Binghamton, NY
Your hosts are Bruno Sammartino, Jesse Ventura, and Vince McMahon
Tonight’s featured match will have the Killer Bees take on the team of the Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff. Also in action are Koko B. Ware, Hercules Hernandez, and the British Bulldogs. 
Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff w/ Slick vs. Killer Bees

The crowd goes nuts for the Bees as they entered the ring. The fact they interrupted Volkoff’s signing played a big factor in that. Sheik and his pal Blair start off the match trading moves. Blair finally gains an advantage then tags out to Brunzell. The Bees use quick tags until Sheik boots Blair in the face after he ducked his head. Volkoff tags and stomps Blair, who is in trouble. Sheik tags and hits a suplex then locks on the Camel Clutch but Brunzell breaks that up when Blair was on the verge of tapping out. The ref yells at Volkoff for coming in then the Bees duck outside and put on their masks and its clear that Brunzell is now in the ring, evidenced by his dropkick and the fact that Jesse was screaming about it on commentary as Vince played dumb. Blair then sends Volkoff to the floor with a dropkick then the ref yells at Slick, who was on the apron and had just hit Brunzell with his cane, as the Bees switch places in the ring. The ref turns around then Blair floats over on a slam attempt and uses a reverse rollup that knocked Volkoff down and pinned the Shiek (4:28). The crowd erupts at the finish. 
Thoughts: Fine while it lasted. The crowd was jacked for the whole match. This was the first match of the taping and sometimes that comes into play but it came across great on TV.

WWF Update with Gene Okerlund. This week’s subject is Superstar Billy Graham and we get a clip of him taking about making his return. Funny how the build to Graham’s return lasted a lot longer than the return itself. He could barely move at this point in his career.
Moondog Rex vs. Koko B. Ware

This is one jacked up crowd. Koko uses his speed to elude Rex. He dropkicks him after a leapfrog then takes him down with a flying headscissors. The crowd is firmly behind Koko as he hammers away on Rex. Koko takes him down with a backdrop then dodges a charging Rex in the corner and climbs on the opposite turnbuckle and waits for Rex to get up before putting him away with a missile dropkick (1:55). 
Thoughts: Koko was establishing himself nicely as a midcard act. His signature moves were pretty advanced for 80’s WWF too.

Jack Tunney is with referee Danny Davis, who has a statement to make. Davis tells everyone who thinks he owes them an apology for how he officiates says that he is sorry even though he does not mean it at all. They sure gave this Danny Davis a shitload of TV time.
Ken Resnick is with Hulk Hogan who will be facing Kamala at the December Boston Garden show. He tells Kamala that he will eat “kryptonite” and hang out in the Garden of Eden eating poisonous apples to prepare for him then says that he wants to get rid of The Wizard. He also declares that he and his Hulkamaniacs do not care about “his kind.” Hulkamania is discriminatory?
We are shown a transaction that took place at a local bank between Slick and Bobby Heenan. Slick says that he only accepts cash but Heenan said it is worth it to acquire Hercules. Slick gets the cash and Heenan gets the contract as they rake the pile of cash off of the counter and into Slick’s paper bag. Funny segment.
“Leaping” Lanny Poffo vs. Hercules Hernandez w/ Bobby Heenan

Poffo’s pre match promo was dissing Hercules for aligning with Bobby Heenan. Hercules comes out with shorter hair and plain black trunks as he got a makeover too. Vince states that Hercules might be the #1 contender to Hogan’s belt as he beats on Poffo. Jesse then rags on Vince for being cheap as Hercules stays on the attack. Poffo skins the cat and dropkicks Hercules into the corner. He then hits a springboard somersault senton for a nearfall but Herc tosses him off then slingshots Poffo to the floor where he roughs him up. Hercules rolls Poffo back inside then finishes him off with the backbreaker (2:48). 

Resnick is with the Rougeau Brothers, who will be facing the U.S. Express in a rare babyface matchup. Raymond actually forgets his opponents team names and hype the match as a scientific match and sucking up to the Boston sports teams. The Rougeau’s were poor on the mic, especially Raymond.

We get our first vignette of Outback Jack in Australia. They play a jingle as they show him walk in the fields with a backpack as Vince says he is the toughest man in Australia. Jesse already calls him “Outhouse Jack.” We would get a lot more of these for the rest of 1986.
Dave Wagner & Rick Renslow vs. British Bulldogs. 

Before the match we are shown an insert promo of Davey talking to Matilda.  Davey armdrags both guys as they duck outside as Jesse continues to rag on Outback Jack. Dynamite roughs up Wagner after he knocked his partner off of the apron. Davey tags and hits Wagner with a running powerslam then picks up Renslow on his shoulders and tags Dynamite, who climbs up top and leaps off of Renslow with a headbutt for the win (1:41).

Thoughts: A quick win for the tag champs. They were really trying hard to get Matilda over here.

Piper’s Pit with guest Bobby Heenan, who interrupts Piper. The Pit has a new set that Piper would have until he left the WWF. Heenan brings out King Harley Race and he rambles on until Piper tricks him and Heenan into taking over the show and leaves but not before putting a toilet seat over Race’s head. The King flips out and ends up breaking the seat. The King gimmick kinda sucked and it did not fit Harley at all.

Jesse Ventura is with Mike Rotundo. He asks him about his partner Danny Spivey and if he is coming back. Rotundo tells Jesse not to worry and that he will be back soon.

Vince introduces a rockin’ tribute music video set to “Bad Boys” by the Miami Sound Machine. It’s just a clip of various wrestlers. Not a bad video, actually. It did fit with the times at least and stuff like this, although it might seem corny in retrospect, really set them apart from the other promotions with slick production values.

Jesse is now with the Honky Tonk Man and asks him about the fans not supporting him. Honky said that he is not getting the response he deserves and that fans should be dancing in the aisles when he comes out. Jesse suggests a vote of confidence to support Honky and he agrees as Jesse encourages fans to write him about how they feel about Honky. This was the beginning of Honky’s heel turn.

We are shown another clip of the contract signing between the Machines and King Kong Bundy & Big John Studd. After that we get a clip of Capt. Lou Albano, who was not present for the signing, and how he will be there next week for their match and that it will be his final appearance as a manager.

John Nardow vs. Sika w/ The Wizard

We are treated to another screaming insert promo from the Wizard prior to the match. Sika chops and bites Nardow as Vince is disgusted that Danny Davis is the referee in this match. Sika chokes Nardow then finishes him off with a Samoan Drop (1:41).

Thoughts: This was designed more to continue the Davis angle than to put over Sika, who was floundering in his return.

Vince plugs the “Vote of Confidence” for the Honky Tonk Man as a graphic shows the P.O. Box on where to send your vote.

Resnick shows us a clip of The Wizard, Kimchee, and Kamala in the locker room cutting a promo on Hulk Hogan for their match at the December Boston Garden show. If you love long screaming promos from the Wizard then this was right up your alley.

Next week’s featured match will be the Machines vs. King Kong Bundy & Big John Studd in Albano’s final match as a manager. Plus, “Piper’s Pit” with guest Hulk Hogan. Also in action will be the Hart Foundation, Don Muraco & Bob Orton, and the Islanders.

Final Thoughts: Good show with a lot of things happening. Honky’s impending heel turn, Albano’s announcing his retirement, Hercules’ makeover, the first look at Outback Jack, and the start of a program between Kamala and Hogan. Sure, not everything was great but it was an eventful show and the announcement of Hogan on Piper’s Pit and the Machines vs. Studd & Bundy also meant that next week will be a busy show too.