Lightning round

Having seen the previous lightning round for under-rated workers etc, can you find any half-decent matches around this collection of early 90's WWF dross?

Mantaur (hint: no)
Ahmed Johnson
Marty Jannetty
The Smokin' Gunns
Adam Bomb (one of my fave wacky characters)
"Barmy" Bob Backlund
​Skip:  Barry Horowitz at Summerslam 95.  
Mantaur:  Fuck no.
Ahmed:  Goldust at King of the Ring 96, and he had a legendary match with a pre-Bradshaw John Hawk in Texas that flirted with ****.
Yokozuna:  Randy Savage's last WWF title shot on RAW.  Great drama.
Marty Jannetty:  Aside from the **** classic with Shawn on RAW?  And the **** tag title switch with the Quebecers in early 94?  And a bunch of other great matches he had?  
​Smokin' Gunns:  They had a bunch of decent matches on RAW.  The tag title match against Kid & Holly was pretty good in particular​.
Adam Bomb:  He had a good one with (surprise surprise) Shawn Michaels in early 95 on Superstars.
Tatanka:  The match against Luger at Summerslam was OK.
Backlund:  His initial heel turn match against Bret was a near-classic **** affair.