TV Production

Hi Scott,

Does WWE realize how stale their production setup for Raw looks? They have been using the same HD set for 6 plus years now. It looks beyond dated and the overl lighting gives me a headache. Watching some shows from 02-03 lately and they honestly have a better look and feel. Is this all on Kevin Dunn?


​Mostly yeah, although I think USA has some say in how the show is presented too.  Astonishing to think that they used to switch up the visual presentation once a year in the early days, and now we've had the exact same set for 6 years and the same basic one since basically the end of the Nitro era.  Unfortunately because they're so lazy and frugal now and shoot all the secondary shows in the same tapings as the main ones, it's much easier for them to just reuse the same set dressings and put different lights up on the garish wall of LED nonsense to denote that you're watching, say, Smackdown or Main Event instead of RAW.  ​That's another reason why an NXT show is so refreshing — it's a totally different visual experience, although even then they're been slowly adding in their gaga like the giant video wall to ruin that, too.  As I've said before, that episode a couple of years back after the set caught on fire was a great change of pace because they had to shut down the video wall and it was like watching a totally different show.  Sometimes change is nice.  
Except for those f------ pink ropes and shirts.  F--- Susan G. Komen.