Why Kanyon?

Hey Scott,

I've been looking at old Kanyon shoots. Is there any real understanding of why that guy fell SO hard? Of any wrestler who fell out with WWE, he seems to be the one who has the most extra-curricular stuff to fall back on: He was educated, had decent connections, was an experienced stuntman, and was generally well liked.

Was it drugs? Was he just clinically depressed?

​Yes.  It was apparently a combination of both, as he had a series of disastrous injuries that left him hooked on painkillers, and sent him into a spiral that worsened his natural depression.  Near the end he had a bunch of unsuccessful surgeries on his arm to repair what I think was a biceps tear and it just never healed properly and that probably didn't help his painkiller issues.  He was a guy with a lot of problems, sadly.  ​