Daniel Bryan’s WrestleMania Run


Do you think that Daniel Bryan's Road to WrestleMania was one of the best in WWE history? I think it was, but a lot of the details surrounding it had little to do with WWE's booking. They caught on and were able to turn it into a satisfying storyline, but some of the best moments of it were ones that were completely unplanned. The crowd turning on the Rumble, the crowd chanting for Daniel Bryan when he was in the ring while HHH was trying to push Cena/Orton, etc. The whole buildup was completely unique in that sense.

​It was certainly one of the most memorable, although time will tell if it actually helped Bryan get to the next level.  It certainly hurt Batista and nearly destroyed him as a draw in what should have been his glorious comeback, for example.  But as an organic story, with WWE wanting one main event the fans dictating another one by overriding them at every turn, it'll probably be untouched. k​