WM 31

It's almost October so naturally I'm thinking about WM 31.  If Reigns/Brock is unavoidable, I feel they'll need a huge undercard in case that match flops.  If we can guess-timate Sting/Taker, and a hinted HHH/Batista match, you think there's any chance of Cena/Bryan?   It's so easy to do it also, as you use the Bella feud to get the men involved.  Respect leads to sarcastic insults, and BOOM, insta-feud.  Any thoughts on this?   If not where do you see Cena, Bryan, and Orton at Wrestlemania?
​As I've been saying for weeks, if I had money to bet on a semi-main for Wrestlemania at this point it has to be Cena v. Rusev. They are so clearly building up Rusev for Cena to beat and there's no point in doing it anywhere else but Wrestlemania.  I'm thinking Bryan probably ends up with Rollins or maybe Ambrose in a "for some reason" scenario.  Orton, who knows.  Teaming with Kane as tag champions?  There's no real direction for the company right now so there's no way to guess anything but the top few programs.  ​