Slamboree 1999

May 9, 1999
Location: TWA Dome, St. Louis, Missouri
Commentators: Tony Schiavone, Bobby Heenan, Mike Tenay
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
are going downhill in a hurry around here and the pay per views can
be the biggest disasters they have. The main event here is Page vs.
Nash for the title along with a Sting vs. Goldberg match that you had
to pay attention to hear about. We also have Piper vs. Crazy Flair
for control of the company, even though both have been fired in
recent weeks. Let’s get to it.

opening video is your basic look at the three main events with a
bunch of circles coming out of the middle of the screen. The rest of
the card gets a quick focus as well.
announcers do their opening chat.
runs down the card as well and plugs the Hotline.
Team Titles: Chris Benoit/Dean Malenko vs. Saturn/Raven vs.
Kidman/Rey Mysterio Jr.
and Mysterio are defending and this is one fall to a finish with
three guys in the ring at once. You
can only tag your own partner. Saturn and Kidman drop Malenko with a
double clothesline to start before a dropkick puts Dean on the floor.
Benoit comes in and gets dropkicked as well before Saturn nails
Kidman with a dropkick. A huge belly to belly suplex sends Kidman
flying out to the floor as the fans think the Horsemen suck.
in and Benoit grabs a German suplex on Kidman for two with Raven
making a save. Rey comes in and throws Raven down before taking
Chris down with a hurricanrana. Mysterio’s slingshot legdrop hits
Benoit by mistake to give Raven two. Kidman and Benoit drop Raven
across the top rope but the Canadian turns on his short term partner.
This is really fast paced stuff so far.
misses a top rope splash on Benoit and gets caught in the Crossface
until Raven makes a save. Raven hits a front suplex on Kidman so
Saturn can nail a top rope splash but Dean makes a save of his own.
Malenko throws Rey over his head but Mysterio lands on the top rope
and moonsaults back onto Dean for two. Awesome spot. All
six guys are in now but it’s quickly down to just Raven and Saturn.
Horsemen come back in to clean house and double team Saturn.
They do the same to the champions until we settle down to Benoit vs.
Kidman vs. Saturn. Kidman runs Benoit over but Saturn crotches him
on the top and runs him over, sending Kidman to the floor. Benoit
runs Saturn over and knocks him out to the floor as well. Back and
in and Benoit and Saturn collide to give Chris a two count. Benoit
rolls some Germans but Kidman runs in for a last second save.
counters the Cloverleaf with a small package for two but Kidman makes
another save. Dean spits at Rey to tick him off, allowing the
Horsemen to run Kidman over. It’s back to the tagging again as the
announcers are saying let the guys fight. A
snap suplex gets two on Saturn and Benoit stomps away at Kidman.
comes back in and throws Kidman in the air, earning him a dropkick to
the chest. Saturn
tags Raven in for some rolling vertical suplexes on Benoit for two.
brings in Mysterio for some near falls and everything breaks down. A
top rope clothesline drops Benoit and a springboard seated senton
does the same to Saturn. There’s a Bronco Buster to Raven before the
champs do the launched hurricanrana off the top to take down Benoit.
They try it on Saturn but Mysterio gets planted with a super sitout
reverses a powerbomb from Saturn but
Saturn calls for the Death Valley Driver. This brings in Anderson
for the spinebuster to Saturn and Dean puts on the Cloverleaf.
Someone in a Sting mask, DDP shirt and backwards hat comes in to
into the Evenflow to give Raven
the pin and
the titles.
B+. This was a really hot
opener and I can’t imagine how good it was going to be if they let
the guys go nuts like Tony was asking for. Either way it got the
crowd into things and was the right way to end this long running
feud. Raven and Saturn are the only ones that haven’t had the belts
yet, though they didn’t need Kanyon’s help to get them.
masked man was Kanyon.
on Page.
vs. Stevie Ray
is due to Ray attacking Konnan a few weeks back. Ray hammers Konnan
down in the corner to start but Konnan comes back with right hands
and a float around bulldog for two. Back up and Stevie nails a big
boot to take over before sending Konnan out to the floor for a
beating from the Black and White. Stevie hooks a chinlock back
inside before a suplex gets two. Konnan fights up for the rolling
clothesline and X-Factor but has to knock Vincent off the apron.
Mysterio comes out to try for a save but has to fight off the Black
and White. In the confusion, Rey nails a top rope seated senton on
Stevie to give Konnan the rollup pin.
A six minute Stevie Ray vs. Konnan match had a referee distraction
and three people interfering for a rollup finish. The match was
boring and WAY too much chinlock before all of the interference. It
doesn’t help that the story was barely there, making the match feel
all the more pointless.
on Nash.
Steiner says he has a lot to prove.
on Sting, mostly with clips from 1997.
and Bigelow are in the back and have a conversation we can’t hear.
of Hardcore: Brian Knobs vs. Bam Bam Bigelow
think the title is vacant coming in but you can’t really tell with
this company. We get a
bonus stipulation for the match: falls count anywhere. I guess
that’s only standard in WWF hardcore rules. Neither guy has music.
They start with the weapons early and Brian nails him with a waiter’s
tray and cookie sheet. Bigelow botches raising his feet in the
corner by kicking the trashcan when it’s down by Brian’s knees. Bam
Bam puts him on his shoulder for something like a backwards suplex
into a Diamond Cutter for two.
top rope headbutt gets two for Bigelow as
the announcers get in a stupid argument over talking when the weapons
hit. Knobs misses a chair
shot and falls out to the floor to really make it hardcore. Bigelow
sends him into the steps and hits Brian with various metal weapons.
He uses a pair of trashcan lids like cymbals around Knobs’ head and
hits a LOUD cookie sheet to the head.
guys are already looking spent. Bigelow is sent into the weapons
cart but Brian misses a charge into it as well. Brian gets a mop
bucket put on his head and a punch makes things even worse. The fans
want tables but get a chair to Knobs’ ribs instead. They
fight over to the souvenir stand that is there for them to fight in.
Off to backstage (complete with a shot of about
10,000-15,000 empty seats. Remember that this is a football stadium)
and swing a ladder at each other. Knobs dives off a ledge onto
Bigelow to drive him through a table. Naturally
he jumps too far and just crashes because this match is a disaster.
Bigelow suplexes him through the table for the win.
Heenan’s line of “And they do this for a living” sums up the
whole thing. The fact that these people make more money than I
likely will in years makes me feel very very sad, though that might
be due to the last twenty five minutes of whatever it was that I’ve
had to sit through. Between Stevie’s lame chinlock and this mess, I
need something good to cleanse the pallet.
recap Rick Steiner vs. Booker T. THAT’S NOT WHAT I MEANT!!! They’re
fighting because Booker is champion and Rick Steiner is employed for
some reason.
Title: Booker T. vs. Rick Steiner
is defending. They circle
each other for a minute or so until Rick hammers him with right hands
and a belly to belly suplex. Booker bails to the floor for a
breather as the crowd is silent. Back
in and Booker fires off some kicks with a spinning shot to the face
putting Rick on the floor again. Steiner head back inside and gets
elbowed in the jaw for two before the champ puts on a chinlock.
head outside a third time with Rick sending him into the barricade
over and over. A release
German gets two for Steiner and he hammers away with right hands on
the mat. Booker tries to
fight back but gets elbowed into the corner to keep him in trouble.
Back to the chinlock on the champion before a hard kick to the face
drops Steiner again. The sidewalk slam sets up the missile dropkick
but Scott Steiner runs out for a distraction. Rick gets two off a
Steiner Line but Booker sends the brothers together. The side kick
gets two and Booker is fired up, until Scott grabs his foot. The
Steiner Bulldog gives Rick the title.
D. Can anyone explain to me why
the Steiners are both champions in 1999? He’s had like two matches
back and he gets to pin Booker T. on PPV? It’s getting really
frustrating watching Booker have consistently good matches (when he
doesn’t have a horrible opponent of course) and have to keep
rebuilding himself up because WCW keeps wasting him.
recap Gorgeous George vs. Charles Robinson. This is a side feud of
Savage vs. Flair who are feuding for reasons not quite clear.
Robinson is Little Naitch here and has been calling George a bimbo.
looks for Scott in the back and warns Buff Bagwell to be careful
Robinson vs. Gorgeous George
George wins, Savage is reinstated. Robinson is doing a perfect Flair
impression here, complete with the smirk and strut. The nurse is now
named Asya (oh so funny) and Flair is at ringside here. Charles’
fingers are even taped up. Thankfully George isn’t dressed like
Savage. Flair says he’s always wanted Madusa to ride Space Mountain
and Miss Madness can come with her. George is being left to Little
Naitch though and Charles says he’ll let George ride Space Mountain
all night. Savage gets on the mic (pop of the night so far) and says
George is going to destroy Robinson.
get started and Charles is now in regular Flair gear. They
stall for about a minute and Naitch avoids the lockup and WOOs. Well
woos actually since he’s Little Naitch. Robinson gets in Savage’s
face so George cranks on his arm. They trade wristlocks with George
cranking on a hammerlock followed by a full nelson. She shoves the
Nature Boys together and the big guys get in for a staredown.
and Miss Madness fight over a chair on the floor. Naitch shoves her
down and slams her so Savage calls for a medic. The regular referee
shoves Robinson down as the match kind of stops for a bit. Back in
and Robinson chokes George on the ropes before being sent into the
corner for a Flair Flip. He runs the apron and goes up, only to get
slammed off the top. George nails a clothesline and the Flair Flop
sets up a two count.
trips George up and cranks on her knee but Kung Fu Madusa makes the
save with a kick to the head. Robinson goes after the bad leg and
NOW WE GO TO SCHOOL! He puts on the Figure Four but George turns it
over. Flair sneaks in to save Robinson but Savage slams Robinson,
setting up the top rope elbow from George (so much for the leg) for
the pin.
C. Well they tried. That’s
more important than anything else here and the match was WAY better
than it could have been. This could have been a disaster and it
wound up being a fun little match. Robinson nailed the impression
and George looked great in her cheerleader outfit. Again, they tried
and that’s what matters in something like this.
recap Steiner vs. Bagwell, which stems from Steiner blaming Buff for
losing the TV Title and Buff saying Steiner’s ego was out of control.
Title: Buff Bagwell vs. Scott Steiner
is challenging and jumps Steiner before he can get to the mic. A
swinging neckbreaker drops Scott while he still has the belt on.
Steiner drops Buff with a low blow and the muscle clothesline gets
two. He plants Buff ribs first against the turnbuckle before
tying him up in the Tree of Woe to crank on Bagwell’s neck. Scott
chokes and swears a lot before planting Buff with a butterfly
powerbomb for two. Total dominance so far.
a belly to belly but Scott goes outside and grabs a chair. Buff
clotheslines it into the champ’s face before making his comeback with
a dropkick. There’s an atomic drop but Scott pulls the referee in
front of a clothesline. Cue
Rick Steiner to chair Buff into the Recliner to keep the title on
D. Erg this show is trying to
drive me crazy. I have no idea why WCW thinks the Steiner Brothers
being together (after never having a real match against each other)
is a good idea, but this is what they’re going with to combat Austin
and Rock vs. the Corporate Ministry. They deserve what they get.
on Goldberg.
on the two singles matches people might want to see. That would be
Sting vs. Goldberg and Nash vs. Page if it’s not clear.
on Flair being the crazy president. I’m sure the fans must be loving
Piper vs. Ric Flair
the Presidency. Charles
Robinson comes out to be referee and Johnny Boone is fired for the
heck of it. Piper slaps Flair down to start as Tenay tries to make
sense of who has been fired. Tony: “Who knows?” Ric is knocked
to the floor but Robinson won’t let Roddy go after him. Back
in and they trade chops in the corner until Piper punches Flair down.
They head outside with
Piper throwing more chops against the barricade to keep control.
in again and a low blow puts Piper down. Robinson: “You got a
stomach ache?” He yells at Piper for choking before turning his
back so Anderson and Asya can get in some shots of their own.
Another low blow drops Roddy
but Flair takes forever to cover, allowing Piper to make his
comeback. He can’t follow up after a backdrop though and Anderson
chokes him on the ropes. Roddy fights back with chops to Ric’s chest
and Flair flips over the corner and out to the floor.
a bit too much work so they head back inside for a collision to fall
on the mat. Flair is up first and starts going after the knee as
this match just won’t end. A cannonball onto the leg sets up the
Figure Four but Piper quickly turns it over. Ric sends him outside
again but gets his trunks taken down on a sunset flip attempt.
worst backslide in history gets no count as Robinson is with Anderson
and a small pile of unfastened boxes (there’s no package to it at
all) gets the same. Piper puts on the Figure Four and Flair shouts
that he gives up but Anderson comes in for the save. Roddy slaps a
sleeper on him but has to let it go to put it on Ric. Asya comes in
for the save and gets kissed and put in the hold as well. Piper
finally nails Robinson but gets hit with a foreign object as Robinson
gets up just in time to count the pin.
F. This was on pay per view in
1999 so it’s a failure on principle alone. On top of that, the match
was a disaster with the spots being totally blown and neither guy
looking like he had the energy to last three minutes let alone the
twelve this got (third longest match on the card). Horrible match,
but we’re not done yet.
Bischoff comes out for the first time in months and says he isn’t
screwing this up. He declares Piper the winner for reasons that
aren’t explained. Why he has the authority to do this (remember that
he had his power stripped), why he’s suddenly good (not explained)
and why he did this (ok to be fair there are about a million reasons
to disqualify Flair. I’ll give him that one) aren’t explained.
Piper immediately fires Flair and thanks Bischoff for what he did.
quick video on Goldberg vs. Sting in case you didn’t catch the other
three of them.
vs. Goldberg
announcers spend the entrances trying to explain the Bischoff stuff.
Feeling out process to start
with Sting trying to escape a powerslam but falling out of the air.
A powerslam puts Sting down again and Goldberg clotheslines him out
to the floor. Back in and
Sting ducks a superkick and hits a dropkick to stagger Goldberg. A
clothesline puts Goldberg outside as well and it’s a stalemate.
in and Goldberg puts on a cross armbreaker but Sting makes the ropes.
Sting goes after the knee and drops all of his weight down onto it a
few times. There’s a Boston crab but Goldberg powers out of it and
sends Sting out to the floor again. Back
in and Sting grabs a headlock as this is still in low second gear.
headlock goes about as well as you would expect and Goldberg
hiptosses Sting over. A horrible looking swinging neckbreaker drops
Sting for two but he jumps to the top for a clothesline. The Stinger
Splash is countered into a spinebuster which the announcers call a
spear. Cue Bret Hart to beat
up the referee and whack
Goldberg with a chair for the no
D+. This was really dull as
they were just filling time until they got to the stupid ending.
Sting vs. Goldberg is a match that should have headlined Starrcade at
some point but instead it’s used as a plot device to get Bret Hart
back on television, because you know WCW is going to use him right
after a year and a half of wasting him.
destroys Goldberg’s knee for a bit and leaves. The Steiners come out
to beat up Sting and Goldberg because they’re the top villains now I
another Nash vs. Page video because three weren’t enough.
World Title: Diamond Dallas Page vs. Kevin Nash
is challenging. Page tries
a fast Diamond Cutter but gets shoved away, only to come back with
rights and lefts. A big
boot puts the champion on the floor before
Nash brings him back inside for some slow right hands. Page
fights out of the corner and keeps swinging away until Nash shoves
him across the ring. A low blow stops Nash and Page uses the
distraction to cut off a turnbuckle pad. That’s just a distraction
to let Page hit Nash with the microphone for two.
rolls to the middle of the ring and pulls Page face first into the
exposed buckle. A very
delayed cover gets two as both guys are still laying on the mat.
They slug it out again and a clothesline puts Nash outside again. A
Diamond Cutter on the floor lays Nash out, meaning we continue the
lack of action. For reasons
not quite clear, Page thinks this is falls count anywhere (he says
that to the referee and is stunned when it’s not true). Back in and
Page gets two with his feet on the ropes.
elbow drop between Nash’s legs let Page pose even more. He goes to
put on the Figure Four around the post but Nash kicks him into the
barricade. Back in and Nash still can’t get up. The fans look at
something in the crowd as Nash makes his comeback, complete with
Snake Eyes onto the exposed buckle. There’s the Jackknife but Savage
runs in for the DQ.
scratch that as Bischoff still has some authority and says keep
going. They’re just making this nonsense up as they go aren’t they?
Tony says this is No DQ even
though Bischoff never said that. Page hits a Russian legsweep and a
clothesline for two before puttnig on a horrible looking sleeper.
Nash reverses into a hold that looks like he’s trying to rip off
Page’s ear. The champ grabs a jawbreaker for two and gets a chair.
The chair hits the top rope
and nails Page in the head for two. Back
up and the big boot and Jackknife give Nash the title.
D-. Another boring match which
fits the theme tonight. We still have no explanation as to why
Savage and Page are associates now and I can’t imagine we ever will.
This was supposed to be about Nash getting revenge for Hogan, but
given that it hasn’t been mentioned in weeks, I’m assuming WCW has
forgotten about it. Bad match here with neither guy feeling
interested in working.
D. I can’t say a show
with an opener that hot is a failure. This
period of WCW has the biggest problem a wrestling company can have:
it’s really uninteresting. The matches aren’t very good for the most
part, but that sort of thing can be fixed. The problem here is the
main stories range from really stupid to something that completely
falls apart if you think about it for more than five seconds. Things
are about to get even worse though and the
few good spots are getting rarer and rarer.
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