Question for the blog

Hey Scott,

I've been watching a lot of Magnum TA lately and I was blown away by his best of seven series with Nikita Koloff.  He goes down 3-0, fights his way back from a deficit to push it to a seventh match and then is robbed.  And it got me thinking…

With all of the 50/50 booking that the WWE does and their habit of giving away potential money matches on Raw, why not start booking best of 5 or best of 7 series for some of their hotter feuds?  Guys can eat a pin and then get their heat back the next week with a win against the same guy.  It's outside of the box, but they've trotted out the 2 out of 3 falls recently so why not?

You think that kind of booking could work?

Definitely, but it has to be a match that people actually want to see in the first place. Putting Ziggler against Miz out there to die for seven shows is defeating the whole purpose.  Cesaro v Sheamus?   Sure because they're established as guys who care about wins and losses.