September Classics: Six Pack Challenge – Unforgiven ’99

The British Bulldog. Mankind. Triple H. Kane. The Big Show. The Rock. The referees were all on strike. Steve Austin was the special enforcer. The WWF Championship was around Abeyance’s waist and it was up for grabs due to Vince McMahon beating Triple H for the title on an episode of Smackdown and relinquishing it. The Undertaker was supposed to be in this match, but was kayfabe fired by Vince for refusing to face Triple H. This was also at the end of Russo’s time with the WWF. However, the resulting match was a near masterpiece, considering all the people involved. The video is in two parts, so make sure you watch both.

Unforgiven.1999 – Six.Pack.Challenge – (1 2) by dido67

Unforgiven.1999 – Six.Pack.Challenge – (2 2) by dido67