NXT – September 25, 2014

September 25, 2014
Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida
Jason Albert, Renee Young, Rich Brennan
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
seeds are being planted for the big showdown of Neville vs. Zayn but
they seem to be doing a very slow build. Tonight we get one of the
roadblocks out of the way as Tyson Kidd is getting his FINAL title
shot at Adrian Neville. Their first two matches have been solid so
this one should be entertaining well. We’re also getting the Lucha
Dragons defending against the Ascension. Let’s get to it.

Rawley vs. Bull Dempsey
brawl starts in the aisle before Mojo hammers him into the ring for
the opening bell. Dempsey runs him over and a top rope headbutt ends
Mojo in 46 seconds.
on Baron Corbin, talking about being a different breed while getting
on a motorcycle. Cool stuff.
Breeze comes to the ring as Mojo is leaving so Breeze beats him up
Breeze vs. Justin Gabriel
gets stomped down in the corner to start but goes after Tyler’s knee.
He slams Breeze face first into the mat for two but stops for a
dance. A kick to the chest gets two but he has to bail out of the
450. Instead a STO and springboard splash get two for Justin but he
misses the 450, allowing Breeze to finish him with the Beauty Shot at
D+. There was a nice story to
this one as the veteran Gabriel underestimated Breeze and got caught
when Breeze took everything he had. Breeze has gotten way better
than I ever thought he would and Gabriel is good enough to make
anyone look good. The action wasn’t great but it told a good story.
asks Regal for one more shot for Kidd. Regal grants it but this is
his LAST shot. I believe this was already advertised.
Bliss vs. Bayley
takes her into the corner to start but gets caught in a sunset flip
for two. Bliss flips her down and Bayley is so impressed that she
high fives Alexa. Bayley cranks on an armbar but Bliss tries to roll
out, only to have Bayley roll with her in a nice counter. Back up
and Bliss misses a standing moonsault before walking into the Belly
to Bayley for the pin at 3:21.
C-. This was more fun from the
NXT girls with Bliss having the perfect smile to go with the flips
and Bayley being as adorable as is humanly possible. The wrestling
wasn’t much again but this was more for an athletic display than
anything else. Bayley getting a clean win should help bring her back
match Bayley calls out Charlotte and says she hasn’t been able to
sleep since Takeover. Her mom was there to watch her lose. Bayley
asks for one more match and the fans are WAY into the idea.
Charlotte says Bayley earned
her respect, but the second verse would be the same as the first.
The rematch is on for next week.
Cass and Carmella come to the Performance Center. Apparently she
lied about being Enzo’s sister to get in the building which is ok
with Enzo. She wants to get in the ring but Enzo says she has to get
in shape first and start acting like a Diva. Carmella steps off
camera while Enzo gets on the treadmill and clarifies that he and
Carmella aren’t a couple. She comes back on camera in a sports bra
and shorts, showing off quite the physique. Cass: “HOW YOU DOIN?”
Enzo falls off the treadmill and might have hurt himself.
Louis vs. Enzo Amore
is doing the Kurt Angle wig with wrestling headgear to hide being
bald. Enzo talks about Louis eating pie and having a side effect.
They list off possible types of pies and call Louis SAWFT. Louis
hammers away to start and knocks Enzo to the apron, but Amore rips
off the wig. Marcus is terrified and gets rolled up at 2:37.
says he’ll get his own title shot and says he has all the power in
the title match.
Team Titles: Lucha Dragons vs. Ascension
is challenging. Konnor runs over Cara to start but Kalisto
springboards in to take Konnor down. Off to Viktor who hammers
Kalisto in the corner but gives up a tag to Cara. Sin headscissors
Viktor down and powerbombs Kalisto into a moonsault for two. Back to
Konnor for a hard headlock on Kalisto before throwing him around for
two more. Viktor comes in and cranks on a chinlock as we take a
with Konnor launching Kalisto across the ring before putting on a
chinlock. An over the shoulder backbreaker/middle rope elbow combo
gets two on Kalisto and it’s back to the reverse chinlock. Konnor
runs him over for two and puts on a bodyscissors to keep Kalisto in
trouble. Back to Viktor for a hard uppercut but Kalisto slips over
the back to escape a slam and there’s the hot tag to Cara. Ascension
actually cleans house but here’s Hideo Itami for a distraction.
Kalisto pops back up for the Salida Del Sol and the pin on Viktor at
C+. This was the usual power
vs. speed at this point but the announcers made it clear that Itami
was coming in the entire time. I’m kind of glad they got rid of the
rematch so we don’t have it hanging over us the entire time. That
being said, do we really need Itami doing the WWE finish in NXT?
C+. Pretty basic
episode of NXT here with all of the action working well enough and
the stories all advancing. They’re getting good at the week to week
booking again with stuff like the Kidd vs. Neville match coming at
some point and the Women’s Title match next week. Good stuff again
this week with the promotion getting back to the way it works best.
Dempsey b. Mojo Rawley – Top rope headbutt
Breeze b. Justin Gabriel – Beauty Shot
b. Alexa Bliss – Belly to Bayley
Amore b. Marcus Louis – Rollup
Dragons b. Ascension – Salida Del Sol to Viktor
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