Impact Wrestling – September 24, 2014

September 24, 2014
Manhattan Center, New York City, New York
Mike Tenay, Tazz
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
wrapping up the summer in New York and three shows left before Bound
For Glory. The interesting thing for tonight is a tournament for a
future title shot which may or may not be at the biggest show of the
year. Granted at this point it looks like that’s Lockdown anymore as
Bound For Glory is shaping up as another One Night Only level show.
Let’s get to it.

open with a video on Roode vs. Lashley from last week where Bobby
almost won the title.
explains the tournament concept: five qualifying matches with the
winners facing each other in a five way later tonight. The winner
can challenge for any match they choose and the matches are
surprises. This would fit better if they all hadn’t been announced
on TNA’s website. MVP, Magnus, Austin Aries, Abyss and Robbie E.
will all have qualifying matches.
on MVP.
Rush Tournament Qualifying Match: MVP vs. Low Ki
Ki gets a video as well, talking about wanting to push the roster
over the years. Feeling out process to start with MVP shoving Low Ki
into the corner. He rams Ki into the buckle but gets kicked hard in
the chest to send MVP across the ring. A slam out of the corner gets
two for MVP but Ki fires off some chops and kicks to the chest. MVP
opens up his vest and says hit me harder so Ki snaps off one of the
hardest chops I’ve ever seen. MVP comes back with a knee to the ribs
and a kick to the face to send Low Ki out to the floor. We actually
get a plancha to take Low Ki before going to a break.
with MVP still in control with a facebuster and the Ballin Elbow.
Low Ki gets back up and is thrown into the air, only to land in a
standing position on MVP’s shoulders and jump forward to dropkick MVP
in the back. Awesome looking move. A kick to the head gets two on
MVP before Ki sends him outside for a big springboard dive. Back in
and Ki tries a cartwheel kick but MVP takes 
out his leg. The Drive
By is enough to send MVP to the finals at 13:05.
C+. This was a stiffer match
than usual with both guys hammering on each other. Ki looked good
with that spot of landing on MVP’s shoulders looking incredible. MVP
needed a big win as he’s almost only been a talker for the last few
months with only a handful of matches here and there.
BroMans argue over whose girlfriend is hotter. They agree to
disagree but Robbie brags about being in the tournament and then
being on Amazing Race with Brooke starting this Sunday. He plans on
switching between both girls but Jesse points out that cameras will
be everywhere. Like the one filming them right now. They point out
said camera and Robbie runs. This was actually kind of funny.
tribute to Eric the Actor from the Howard Stern Show, a big wrestling
fan who passed away over the weekend.
on the Tag Team Title series. The Wolves will pick the final
stipulation next week.
E. comes out for his match and says he’s a huge star all around the
Rush Tournament Qualifying Match: Robbie E. vs. Tajiri
fans chant WELCOME BACK to Tajiri, suggesting that this was taped out
of order with other shows. A big kick sends Robbie out to the floor
but he sends Tajiri’s ribs into the apron. Back in and we hit the
chinlock for a bit before Tajiri pops up with his namesake handspring
elbow for two. There’s the Tarantula but the Buzzsaw Kick misses.
Robbie gets two off an implant DDT but the referee gets bumped,
allowing Tajiri to blow the mist and hit the Buzzsaw to advance at
D+. I’m a fan of Tajiri’s and
he’s about the same guy he was back in ECW at this point. That’s
very impressive given that he’s in his 40s now and still goes just as
well. He’s a guy like Rhino where you know what you’re getting and
he doesn’t shift from that, but he can still make it work.
insists there are no problems with he and Ethan Carter III and takes
a call from him. The funny bit here: he shows the phone and it says
“EC3 – BEST FRIEND”. After a break he’s still on the phone and
tries to stand up to Ethan but gets talked down. Much like Robbie,
he runs when he sees a camera on him.
Rush Tournament Qualifying Match: Austin Aries vs. Knux
fans are entirely behind Aries who tries a test of strength for some
reason. Aries rolls away so Knux does a handstand, only to have
Aries spin around. Taz changes the story again by saying Rebel and
Knux are dating, even though I thought they were brother and sister
before. Knux gets taken down by a wristlock so he nips up to a huge
response. Knux takes a bow so Aries tries a brainbuster to stop the
fun. The big guy shoves him off so Aries dropkicks the knee out and
takes over in the corner.
knocks him to the floor but Knux blocks the suicide dive with a big
boot. Back in and Aries fires off more kicks to the leg to send Knux
outside again. The suicide dive connects, but it’s with the Freak
and Craazy Steve instead of Knux. Back in again with Knux getting
two off a huge side slam. The Sky High is countered with a
hurricanrana and Aries nails the corner dropkick. Knux is too big
for the brainbuster so Austin hits some discus forearms and another
corner dropkick before getting the big man up for the brainbuster and
the pin at 7:04.
C. I liked this match better
than I was expecting to but the Menagerie makes me smile most of the
time. Knux is a talented guy but he can only go so far as the leader
of a failing carnival. To be fair though it’s very nice to look at
Rebel….who may or may not be his sister and/or girlfriend depending
on what week it is.
on Roode vs. Lashley from last week.
Rush Tournament Qualifying Match: Mr. Anderson vs. Magnus
jumps him to start and slams him face first into the mat for some
early two counts. We hit the chinlock for a bit before a clothesline
gets two on Anderson. Back up and a double clothesline puts both
guys down before Anderson wins a slugout. Magnus grabs a belly to
back suplex into a slam for a close two. He loads it up again but
Anderson reverses into the Mic Check for the pin at 6:50.
D. Really basic match here
until the last 45 seconds or so. These guys are the low level main
event wrestlers in TNA right now as they’re both former World
Champions but neither guy has anything going for him. The match
wasn’t terrible but it really didn’t feel like they had any interest
in trying out there.
video on set of the Knockouts calendar shoot.
on Team 3D going into the Hall of Fame.
recap the tournament so far.
on Gail Kim vs. Havok for next week. This is designed to make Havok
look like a monster.
Rush Tournament Qualifying Match: Abyss vs. Samuel Shaw
fans chant “Dexter Morgan” at Shaw. Abyss knocks him down and
grabs a chokeslam but Shaw kicks him in the ribs to escape. Instead
Abyss grabs him by the throat again and shoves him out to the floor
in a big crash. Shaw fights back on the floor and rams Abyss into
the steps.
goes after Abyss’ arm in what is called a smart move by ramming it
into various objects. This idea works in theory, but it would make
more sense to go after the arm Abyss uses for his big moves. To be
fair though, Shaw is a bit out there. Shockingly enough, Abyss makes
a comeback using moves with his strong arm, including a chokeslam to
put Shaw on the floor. Shaw grabs a chair and blasts Abyss in the
head, which Hebner somehow doesn’t see. Back in and the Black Hole
Slam ends Shaw at 6:35.
D+. Well now that that
formality is out of the way, let’s get on with the main event. This
was the usual tournament match where a big name beats up someone that
has no chance of beating them. At least they kept it short as
there’s no real reason to sit through a long match which isn’t very
good and has no surprise to it.
Rush Tournament Finals: Austin Aries vs. Abyss vs. Tajiri vs. MVP vs.
Mr. Anderson
gets a shot at any title at anytime and it’s one fall to a finish.
MVP stays in the ring while everyone else brawls on the floor but
Abyss will have none of that. Instead MVP bails to the corner so
Abyss can beat up Anderson to start. It’s off to Tajiri who wins a
kickoff with Anderson before missing a charge into the corner.
Anderson misses a charge of his own and hits the post, giving Tajiri
a rollup for two. Aries comes in and grabs on Tajiri’s head but
Taijri scores with the handspring elbow for two.
from a break with Aries countering the Tarantula but getting kneed in
the back to block the suicide dive. Anderson comes in for the
rolling fireman’s carry for two but it’s off to Abyss. Aries escapes
the chokeslam and slaps MVP for a tag. MVP doesn’t want to come in
so Aries catapults him in over the top but MVP tags out to Tajiri.
brings in Anderson who is quickly caught in the Tarantula. Mr. slams
Tajiri down off the top but MVP tags himself in. Anderson looks
right at him before MVP hits the Drive By for two as Aries makes the
save. Everything breaks down and MVP loads up the Drive By on Aries,
only to get rolled up for the pin at 15:12.
C. The match was ok but we’ve
seen all these guys once tonight so this was kind of repetitive.
Aries winning is the best option, even though we’ve seen him vs.
Lashley before. I can’t imagine he’d pick Joe, even though it would
be an entertaining match. This wasn’t bad but it didn’t work all
that well.
D+. Well that was
different. This was literally a one idea show and
they’re already recycling challengers for the World Title.
You have to assume it’s the World Title, but there was that one time
when Kaval went after the Intercontinental Title instead of the World
Title like a sane person. It’s now clear that Bound For Glory isn’t
going to be an important show this year, which is a shame given that
they usually do something big with it. Then again TNA needs to worry
about staying alive at this point and how would the biggest show of
the year help them do that?
wrestling wasn’t great tonight and I’m not a fan of one concept
shows. This felt much more like a One Night Only and
that’s not something you want to do. TNA survives off Impact anymore
and now they’re going with that one idea formula which has worked SO
well before. Nothing much to see here and it could have been spread
out over a few weeks to set up some other stuff.
b. Low Ki – Drive By
b. Robbie E. – Buzzsaw Kick
Aries b. Knux – Brainbuster
Anderson b. Magnus – Mic Check
b. Samuel Shaw – Black Hole Slam
Aries b. Abyss, Mr. Anderson, MVP and Tajiri – Rollup to MVP
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