Lesnar WM Solution

Hi Scott

Like everybody else I can understand the WWE's problem when it comes to Lesnar. They've built him brilliantly – too brilliantly – and now it's quite likely that nobody on the roster will be ready to beat him down in time for Wrestlemania.

However, surely the company can't go any longer than WM without a full time Champion and you just know they are desperate to try one of the Shield Guys as champion (ideally Reigns).

How about a solution to book a four way for the Main Event – Lesnar (as champion) vs Reigns (Rumble winner) vs Ambrose (Elimination Chamber winner) vs Rollins (MITB)?

Then mid match you have the three Shield guys realise that the only way to take down Lesnar is as a group with the triple powerbomb through the table. They do that and proceed to have a three way with whoever the favoured one is at the time taking the belt.

This pays off the year long Shield storyline – gets your three hottest young stars in the Main Event of Mania and maintains Lesnar's aura as unstoppable as it took all of the most dominant stable of all time to take him down.

You then run with the new guy as Champion till Summerslam where he faces Lesnar in a rematch one on one. If the new guy has caught on and is working you give him the big win and if he hasn't you simply go back to Lesnar and draw up a new plan.


​Not the worst idea!  I feel like the temptation might be there for them to do a Shield reformation out of it, but it certainly gives Ambrose the main event payoff fans are waiting for and allows them to move the belt to Reigns in a believable manner.  ​