Future of NXT

Hey Scott,
I thought this was interesting and didn't see it mentioned on the blog yet. There's a sit down interview with Michael Cole and HHH after NXT Takeover where HHH compares now to the attitude era. He says right now NXT is the ECW of this era, the "feeder system, the alternative" as he put it. He said he eventually wants to make it into WCW, minus the going out of business part. But basically just as big and an equal to WWE. Do you think this is where they are going right now with signing all the independent stars? Do you think Kenta, Steen, Devitt, Zayn, etc will just stay there and build it up to WWE vs NXT? But if that does happen, then what will be there feeder system? Go back to just using a small independent promotion like they have in the past? Curious what your thoughts are on this.
​I know that NXT is HHH's baby, but it's easy to talk a big game when you're running what is basically a free taping and literally paying the guys nothing as part of a developmental contract.  NXT is a fun alternative that's a throwback to the old territory days, but the writers have already started meddling with what was working and you can see the pollution of "WWE Style" clogging it up. Which is fine for what it is now, a feeder system to train guys for what working on the big shows is going to be like, but it's in no way something that can work as an alternative to the product on a bigger stage.  WCW was a different mentality based on an entirely different fanbase who had watched different people for decades.  But I'm glad he has such big plans for it.  ​